I don't have the strength to fight anymore

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

This is why so many people Give up

I get hundreds of emails each week from 2knowmyself readers. In many emails i noticed that some of the readers think of me as a super human. So many people mistakenly believe that successful people have extraordinary capabilities or super talents and the problem with that way of thinking is that it prevents those people from succeeding.

After all if someone made it because he was extremely smart or because he had exceptional talents then others won't be able to make it too. I also discovered that one of the main reasons that force people to give up is imagining that the road to success should be smooth and paved.

If you expect to succeed easily, to make it quickly or to face small problems on your way then most probably the next big problem will force you to give up. Because i care a lot about helping you to succeed i decided to write this post to show you that, like everybody else, i have been through horrible days before i made it.

I don't have the strength to fight anymore

here are few of the things that happened to me on my way before 2knowmyself become a one million dollar business:

  • 1) Did i lose hope?: After one year of working so hard i lost hope in 2knowmyself and i believed it will never become a popular site. During that period i kept moving forward but deep inside me my faith was almost zero
  • 2) Did i think about quitting?: I didn't just think about quitting but i was actually about to quit right after i realized that the traffic to my website wasn't growing for 6 month.
  • 3) Did i get depressed?: I didn't just get depressed but there were days where i couldn't get out of bad due to lack of energy and severe depression. After all how do you think i knew all that info about depression? Its because i have been there and this is why my book about depression became successful. Its because i was describing something that i have been through and not just something that i read about
  • 4) Did i cry?: Yes i did, i remember i cried when i got a very humiliating email from Wikipedia telling me that they black listed 2knowmyself because we tried to post it more than once on Wikipedia.
  • 5) Did i think about suicide?: More than you could imagine. During the early days where all of my plans collapsed and my dreams were shattered i used to get suicidal thoughts. Of course i was never going to do it but i can't deny that the thoughts passed through my brain more than more. It was more of fantasizing a quick way out of misery
  • 6) Did i fail?: Many of the readers ask me why do i mention different numbers for my failed attempts in different articles? the simple answer is i failed so many times that i lost count of the number of failed attempts!
  • 7) Did i go through bad days?: There were so many days where i wished i didn't exist, there were many days where i couldn't do anything because my enthusiasm was crushed and there were days where i felt totally worthless

What happened in the end?

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that in the end i managed to turn 2knowmyself into a one million dollar business. So the ending was happy!

So what's the moral of this article?
When things go wrong you tend to think that you are alone.
You mistakenly assume that successful people had easy lives and as a result you think about quitting.

But the truth is that most , if not all, successful people have been through days like the ones described above and the only reason they made it is that they kept moving forward.

So no matter what you are going through today just know that its a normal part of life and keep moving.

Whether we like it or not we get exposed to a tremendous amount of negativity in our lives. If we didn't balance this negativity with an equivalent amount of positivity we will certainly become pessimistic, sad and eventually depressed.

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