indifference and loss of hope

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you Feeling indifferent?

Are you feeling indifferent?
Don't you care anymore about solving your life problems even if they were big?
Do you sometimes refuse to take actions even though your life is not going well?

If your answer to any of the previous questions was yes then read further to learn about one strong reason for indifference which Loss of hope!!

Indifference and loss of hope

In many cases the main cause of indifference is the loss of hope. What’s meant by loss of hope in here is believing that whatever effort you are going to do nothing will change.

This loss of hope does not suddenly come out of nowhere but its usually preceded by a series of tries and failures or by one big failure. After such events you might end up by forming a false belief about the situation. This belief could be something like "I can’t do it" or simply "there is no hope"

Loss of hope can also result in depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than a signal sent by your mind telling you that hope was lost. That's why If you managed to find a way to restore hope your depression will disappear.

Examples of situations that could cause loss of hope

The following are some situations that will help you understand why you sometimes lose hope:

  • Setting unrealistic goals: Setting unrealistic goals such as collecting 1,000,000 dollars within 3 months can result in loss of hope when you discover that the goal is not achievable
  • when someone else sets an unachievable goal for you: wondering where could that happen? In your work!! If your manager sets unachievable goals for you then you might lose hope
  • When time is about to be up: Another reason for indifference is finding out that time is almost up while you didn't achieve anything
  • Finally, the loss of hope: all of the previous situations can be summarized in one phrase, indifference may happen when hope is lost.

so how to deal with that kind of indifference??

The only way to deal with that kind of indifference is to bring back what was taken. Bring back hope and you will stop feeling indifferent. Although this may not sound easy still it can be done. There are two very effective methods that you can use to bring back hope, triggering hope and prayer.

Triggering hope: When you make any kind of achievement that is not that effective in solving your current problem but that helps in changing your state of mind from feeling totally hopeless to feeling that there is a hope then you could say that you triggered hope.

The other method is prayer, prayer is the strongest thing you can do to retrieve lost hope. prayer can make you feel that you have raised your big problems to a higher power that will take care of them which is God almighty.

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Did that help?

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