Label Removal

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

you were born clean!!

A label is a false belief that you hold about yourself such as "i am a loser" or "i am worthless"

Although removing a label that you have carried since a long time is not that simple still it's not an impossible task. The basic concept you should know here is that you were born clean!! unlabeled!!

You never knew that you were going to be a loser nor a failure when you were still a child.

As you progressed through your life you started to acquire those labels based on the comments of others. Whenever you used to hear a new critical comment the label became more strongly attached to you.

getting rid of the labels

In order to get rid of a label you must stop reinforcing it by changing the way you think. Monitor your thoughts closely and whenever you find yourself thinking of yourself in a labeled way, just say to yourself, it's just a label and I am not like that.

Negative self talk is one of the things that helps strengthen your labels. By repeating negative phrases in your mind like "I know I couldn't do it because I am a loser" or "I lost again, just like every time" you are turning the label into a solid belief in your subconscious mind. Know that as long as you feed the idea it grows. Better cut the reinforcement as soon as possible by having a healthy positive self talk or at least a neutral one.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that as soon as you stop reinforcing the labels they will weaken and will disappear completely in a short while. You were born clean so you just need to remove the fake crust that was built around your true self in order to find the real you beneath it.

there are many other irrational ways of thinking

Note that labeling is only one of the many irrational ways of thinking that you may have learned. There are many other ways of thinking that could make you perceive events incorrectly and so enforce your ideas of being a failure or a looser.

In order to help yourself change your irrational ideas and patterns of thinking you must learn about those irrational ideas in more detail so that you can resist them. Using cognitive behavior therapy is one way that can help you change your way of thinking and so help you in getting rid of your labels and other irrational ideas.

One common example of these negative thinking patterns is over-generalization where a person labels a whole category of people all together. If for example a woman was cheated on then she might start to believe that all men are cheaters.

Again dealing with such negative patterns of thinking requires constant monitoring of your thoughts in addition to a lot of conscious effort to change them.

Many of the psychological disorders people suffer from are the result of more than one factor interacting together and in many cases one of these factors is an incorrect thinking pattern.

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