Playing hard to get in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Playing hard to get in a relationship

Lots of online websites that give relationship advice ask people to play hard to get in a relationship so that they become more demanded by the ones who like them.

The problem with playing hard to get is that it’s sometimes misunderstood and may give the wrong impression to the other person. For example a person might believe that he is not desired or demanded when he doesn’t find the response he expected.

On the other hand, being overly available might make you appear less valuable and might reduce your attractiveness level since research has shown that the more scarce a resource is the more valuable it appears to be.

So what should a person do in a relationship? Should he always be nice and risk being seen as less valuable or should he play hard to get and take the risk of being misunderstood?

You shouldn’t do both

In one of my previous articles, How can i love my husband again, I explained how letting people notice that you are demanded can make you appear much more attractive.

If your husband found out somehow that lots of people like you or that lots of people find you interesting he will become more attracted to you even if you were the one delivering him such information.

The right way to act in a relationship is to be 100% available for your partner while showing him that you are hard to get with everyone else.

Showing your partner that you are not responding to the people who are trying to approach you yet being nice with him will send him two messages, the first is that you are really hard to get and the second is that you care about him.

Your attractiveness levels can be changed

Contrary to common beliefs, attractiveness is determined by a large number of factors including physical appearance. Even if you can’t change your physical appearance there are still lots of other factors that are in your hand that can be controlled.

In this article I mentioned one of these factors which is the “Love economics” theory, which states that people find you more attractive when they find that others are interested in you. If you want to know more about these factors then checkout my article How to become more attractive.

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