Psychology of fighting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fighting & The psychological state

I have been practicing different kinds of marital arts since few years but only one month ago i started getting into real fights. I am not a professional fighter by any means but since i know a lot about psychology and I've got some fighting experience i managed to come out with few conclusions about the psychology of fighting that might be helpful to you.

The first thing i discovered when i got into real fights is that the percentage of your real power used in a fight depends greatly on your psychological state. This means that a person who is two times stronger than you might only be able to use 20% of his power in a fight and so triumphing over him can be an easy task.

In other words, its the psychological state that allocates power and if your state wasn't good then you might fight with a fraction of your real powers.

Psychology of fighting

Here are some few facts to consider:

  • 1) Being attacked is an experience on its own: Even if you have been practicing martial arts since sometime being attacked is an experience on its own. For people who never got into a real fight before the first experience of getting attacked might scare them and even paralyze them. Its strongly advised that you get into a controlled fight with a close friend so that you don't get scared when someone attacks you for the first time
  • 2) Larger people are always assumed to be stronger: Even experienced fighters can hardly help themselves from judging people by their size. If your size is big then most people will assume that you are strong.
  • 3) Confidence levels change after the first few seconds: If you managed to punch a big guy or kick him first then your beliefs might instantly change and you might start to think that you are stronger than him. This is why i strongly believe that striking first is the best thing you can do, not only because it will give you an advantage but because it will shake the confidence of your opponent
  • 4) Talking with extreme confidence scares the opponent: Sometimes a verbal fight happens before the real fight. During the verbal fight the one who seems more confident in his ability to fight usually scares the other person and sometimes the later backs off as a result
  • 5) If you are not sure you are right then you might not be able to take the first move: Sometimes a verbal fight occurs in an atmosphere of uncertainty. In such a case, those who stick to ethics, might hesitate a lot and might actually take the first punch as a result of not being sure whether they should fight or not

Fighting is bad in many cases

Fighting is not a good thing and it should only be your decision when you have no other choice. Defending yourself from an attacker or a bully are cases where fighting isn't considered bad.

The other factor you must put in mind is that you won't be able to fight with all of your power if you don't think you have the right to beat the other person. In other words don't get into a fight unless you are sure you are right.

These were just few conclusions i made during my last few fights. In the near future i will write part two of this article.

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