Why am I somtimes not emotionaly affected when I read my Holy Book

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Am I Not Affected?

Have you wondered why do you sometimes hear a song that used to make you happy but find that it had no affect on you?
Have you wondered why do you sometimes read the same verses of your holy book yet you don’t experience the same emotional emotions you felt last time?

If your answers were yes, then probably you did these things while not being fully receptive!!

Why Am I Not Fully Receptive?

Think of the human brain as a radio, if that radio was not tuned to the correct frequency it can hardly receive data from that specific channel and that’s exactly what was happening to you.

Your current emotional state prevented your brain from being tuned to the correct frequency and so you were unable to receive the information. This emotional state may be feeling down, feeling sad or in the worst case depression.

Bad emotions disturb our abilities to be receptive and that’s why we don’t get that affected when doing things that used to positively affect our emotions. The worst emotion is severe depression where the ability to receive is reduced much and that’s why depressed people usually say that they don’t get that affected when reading holy books.

What To Do?

What’s good about bad feelings is that they does not last forever. Even when you are depressed there can be some moments that come each few days where you experience the state of happiness, you should never waste these moments, I know that listening to music may make you even happier but still you are wasting very precious moments that you could use to receive information from your holy book.

Reading your holy book at the time where you are receptive will make the information you receive go straight to your subconscious mind without being filtered, it will be as if you are programming your mind with what you are receiving. My strong recommendation is that whenever you experience any of these happiness moods you just go and grab your holy book and read instead of wasting such precious moments doing something else.

How to fix your mood

Sometimes the best way to get over a bad mood is to go against it. Lets suppose that you feel bad because of a work related problem. If you lied in bed because you are not in the mood then most probably the problem will become bigger.

On the other hand, if you worked hard even if you feel bad then there is a big possibility that you will solve that problem and as a result your mood will improve.

In short, going against your mood can bring good results.

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