You Are not Your Emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You Are not Your Emotions

Does your self confidence decrease when you feel lonely or depressed?
Do you feel that you are worthless when you experience a bad mood?

If your answers were yes, then your problem is that you think that you are your emotions.

Life is not simple and its full of bad emotions. While experiencing bad emotions is unavoidable still you can always prevent these bad emotions from having further effect on you by fixing your irrational beliefs.

Self-confidence and Emotions

One of The main factors that causes lack of self-confidence is depending on external factor such as having a beautiful wife or a good job in order to become confident.

The problem with such a way of thinking is that as soon as you lose the external object you lose your self-confidence along with it.(See external self confidence for more information.)

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how some people make their self-confidence mainly dependent on their emotions!!

That is, if they feel good they become confident while if they felt lonely or depressed they lose this confidence.

Of course if the emotional problem was temporary then the lack of confidence is going to be temporary too. But what will happen to your self confidence if the problem is a long-term one?

What if you were lonely for a six month period? What will happen if that was your way of thinking? What will happen is that your self-confidence will be completely eroded by these emotions and the more you remain in this situation the worse the damage will be.

What to Do

The correct thing to do is to fix your belief about the relationship between self-confidence and your emotional state. You should know that, as humans, we are subject to bad feelings every now and then.

Experiencing any of these emotional problems does not have any other explanation except that you are a normal human being!! Normal people feel bad just like they feel happy.

You have to understand that experiencing bad emotions doesn't mean that you are bad or worthless.

Doing that is simple. Whenever you feel like your self-confidence is being reduced because of some bad emotions just say to yourself “no, it’s not right to lose my self-confidence just because I'm in a bad mood. I am not my emotions, and feeling bad does not make me an exception, it just makes me a human.”

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