Lack of Self Confidence and Sports

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lack of Self Confidence and Sports

Do you feel embarrassed every time you have to play a soccer game with your friends because you don’t know how to play well?
Do you think that you can never succeed in any sport?
Do you think that your performance is going to be worse than anyone else when it comes to sports?

Why You Aren't Confident in Sports

Some people might believe that they are losers when they find themselves unable to perform well in any sport. This feeling could be limited to a single sport or it could span all sports and physical activities.

The main reason that could make someone lack self confidence when it comes to sports and physical activities are:

  • Previous bad experiences: If you attempted to play a sport when you were young and failed to perform well then you may grow up lacking confidence in your ability to play that sport or even lose confidence in your ability to play all sports if you were the kind of person who uses over generalization while thinking
  • Thinking that you should start with a high initial skill: One very common False belief people have about sports is that they think that if they weren't initially skilled at a certain sport then they never will be able to become more skilled. This is a completely incorrect attitude. No matter what your initial skill is you can eventually improve it as long as you keep trying. In the Solid Self confidence program i busted the skill myth by explaining that there is no such a thing as unskilled people but instead there are people who didn't get enough training
  • Lacking Self Confidence When you lack self confidence in general you will usually doubt your ability to succeed at anything that you've never tried before. If you didn’t have the courage to try a certain sport or if you tried it once and failed then you may end up thinking that you have no skill at that game.

How to Be Confident at Sports

The solution is simple: you just have to believe that you can reach a high level of skill through practice. Believing that trying and failing is the way that can help you improve your skills will help you become more confident when it comes to sports. Know that reaching whatever you want is a function of one thing: the number of tries.

The second thing you should do is to build your self confidence. Building your self confidence will give you the courage to try a new sport and will help you not to give up. If you did this you will get the chance to develop the required skills and become confident at that sport.

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Did that help?

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