Self regulation and addictions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self regulation and addictions

What is the connection between self regulation, addiction and bad habits?
In my previous articles i said that the number one reason that prevents many people from giving up a bad habit is not dealing with the right underlying cause.

If a symptom such as addiction was treated instead of the root cause then another symptom will quickly replace it.

The lack of proper Self regulation skills in itself is one of the biggest root causes for addictions and bad habits.

The connection between self regulation, addictions and bad habits

A person with self regulation problems is the one who can hardly control his short term impulses for the sake of attaining a longer term goal. For example if the ultimate goal for the person was to lose weight then lack of self regulation would force him to eat whenever he shouldn't.

Now in order to get over any addiction that is caused by a self regulation problem you must first deal with the self regulation problem.

In my article Self regulation and parenting i explained how the authoritarian parenting style which lacks any flexibility prevents the child from developing his own self regulation abilities.

This means that the way we raise children could turn them into addicts when they grow up!!

Quitting addiction by improving your self regulation skills

One of the good things that can help you increase your self regulation abilities is to set goals and achieve them. The goals don't have to be related to addiction at all because their main aim would be increasing your self regulation ability so that you can use this ability to control addiction later on.

It wont take a day or two to develop proper self regulation as you are trying to build something that you lacked for years but with patience and persistence it will be possible

Trying to quit a certain addiction without dealing with your poor self regulation if it was the underlying cause will prevent you from quitting that bad habit for sure.

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