foods that increase serotonin levels,how your diet affect your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

serotonin and food

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy and for the regulation of your mood. Low serotonin levels may make you feel bad or even depressed.

Luckily there are some natural ways that can help you increase your serotonin levels and as you may have already guessed one of these ways is eating.

foods that make serotonin levels go higher

The following are types of foods that can make your serotonin levels go higher and so can help in elevating your mood:

  • Sweets and chocolate: Sweets and chocolate contain sugars that can help your body increase the serotonin levels. That’s why you may find yourself feeling better after eating a chocolate
  • proteins: proteins don’t directly increase serotonin levels but what happens is that the intake of proteins provides the body with amino acids like tryptophan which is then synthesised to form serotonin. So protein provides the raw material for serotonin formation.
  • carbohydrates: carbohydrates can help in increasing your serotonin levels, carbohydrates stimulates your body to secrete insulin which takes out all of the other amino acids in your blood except trytophan which is then converted to serotonin. the advantage of carbohydrates over normal sugars is that their effect lasts longer

Should i depend on food to make myself happy?

No you should never do this because such a habit will result in accumulating your real problems then you will end up depressed.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how the use of pain killers such as food can fool the person into thinking that he is fine on the medium term but later on his subconscious mind usually realizes the trick and then sends him a more severe depression.

Mood lifting and weight gain

Some people gain weight only because they always seek food to lift their moods. Those people usually put on weight for reasons that are not related to food itself but rather to their own emotional states.

In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss i explained how depression, stress and anxiety can be the reason that motivates someone to over eat. Don't fall in this trap and don't keep eating just to lift your mood or to make yourself feel better but instead, find the real reasons that are making you feel bad then deal with them.

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