Why a woman will never believe she Is beautiful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What comparisons do to people

You might think that an attractive person will always think that he is attractive but this is not true.
According to many studies people find themselves instantly less attractive after staring at a more attractive face for few seconds.

In other words if you are a good looking person then suddenly saw someone who is more attractive than you then you might actually find yourself looking less attractive.

In one study it was found that men find their wives less attractive after watching a TV program or a movie featuring more attractive women. In other words the way we think of our own physical beauty has a lot to do with the comparisons we make all the time. (see also How the internet changed physical attractiveness preferences

The human brain works this way. It keeps making associations between things and comparing them to other things no matter how good or bad you think this way is. I always hear personal development gurus asking people not to compare themselves to others but on the brain's level this is practically impossible.

Why a woman will never believe she Is beautiful

So why women are more subject to doubts about their looks?
No matter how great a woman looks like or how beautiful she thinks she is sooner or later she will find a more attractive woman in a poster, in a commercial or a movie. (See also Why a Mirror can't really tell you how you look like)

The world we live in now has commoditized and commercialized women's looks. It's almost impossible to see a new movie or a commercial without coming across a very beautiful woman somewhere. Now as other women keep seeing those women they start to feel that they are not that attractive.

You might think that this happens just to average looking women but in fact this phenomenon is common among all women including famous actress and even models. In more than one occasion a model or a famous actress made it clear that being surrounded by more beautiful women made them feel much less attractive.

Cameron Russel , A famous model, once said in a Tedx speech that she hardly feels attractive as she always finds herself surrounded by very attractive women. Cameron said that those models are the most insecure people on earth.

So if that's how a model thinks then what about the average woman who gets brutally compared to swimsuit models all the time?

Beauty standards are rising

Globalization and the widespread of the internet has made beauty standards go much higher. If a man gets exposed to so many ads featuring flawlessly looking women then certainly his beauty standards are going to go high as long as he believes he can do well (See do men only care about looks).

This also happens with women but because the media focuses more on women's looks the problem is more apparent with men.

So what can a woman do to feel good about her looks?
Should she try to stop comparing herself to others?
Well technically this can't happen.

The one thing a woman can do is to avoid looking at ads, fashion shows and other very beautiful women. When a woman does so she will start to like her looks more and she will believe that she is attractive.

Not an easy soloution i know but it can work.

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