why are some people so stingy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are some people so stingy

Why do some people find it very hard to give?
Why are some people more generous than others?
Why are some people so stingy?

In my previous article why are some people selfish i explained how some insecure people believe that they don't have enough resources that can help them reach their goals and as a result become selfish.

Selfishness and stinginess are strongly connected to each other. In the case of stinginess the person feels too insecure to give some of his money to others because he believes he doesn't have enough money.

Now does this mean that the more money people have the more generous they will be?
No that's not correct because the insecurity stingy people feel is usually in their minds and might have nothing to do with the amount of money they have.

In other words, a man can have a very large some of money yet still feel financially insecure because of believing that he doesn't have enough money.

If a person always felt anxious about money during his childhood as a result of believing that his family didn't have enough money to spend on him then he might grow into a stingy adult. This insecurity the person suffers from will prevent him from giving his limited resources to others.

Unmet emotional needs and stinginess

One very interesting experiment was carried out to find out the factors that make people stingy. During the experiment half of the participants were not allowed to eat for few hours while the others where allowed to eat as much as they wanted.

After that both groups were asked to donate some money to charity and the result was that the group that felt hungry gave less money than those who felt full.

The conclusion the experimenters came up with is that having an unmet need in one domain can result in stinginess in another domain. That's why a person who always felt unloved by others might become very stingy.

When a person believes that his resources are scarce even when these resources are emotional then he might become stingy. This also means that feeling insecure about one area of your life might result in emotional or financial stinginess.

Stinginess and thinking about money

Another interesting study was carried out to find the connection between thinking about money and stinginess.

In the study participants were given some problems to solve. Half of the participants were given questions that would force them to think about money while the others were given questions that are not related to money.

After they completed the questions they were asked to donate some money. The group that had money in mind , as a result of answering questions related to money, were found to be more stingy than those who didn't think about money.

The conclusion the researchers came up with is that the more a person thinks about money the more likley he is to be stingy.

This might also mean that people who love money or who are obsessed with it might find it very unpleasant to give it away.

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