Why do men like long hair

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why men like certain facial features

Why do men like long hair?
Why do men like full lips?
Why do men like certain facial features?

In order to understand how men choose their mates you first need to understand how their brains work. Men are hard wired to look for healthy females. This might sound strange at the beginning but in fact it's the number one force that moves men.

Of course most men aren't even aware of this fact but they just find themselves attracted to certain women without knowing why it happenes. It's like having a installed program in their minds without really understanding how the program was coded but in the end the program runs.

So why were men designed to think that way?
If a man mated with a fertile and healthy woman then the chance of bringing a healthy offspring will be higher. In addition to that fertile women are more likely to become pregnant and so by mating with such a woman a man can increase the chance of survival of the human race.

So what does a long hair has to do with the survival of the human race?

That program that runs inside the mind of every man has some instructions to help him locate the healthy and fertile woman he is looking for. Full lips, long hair, symmetrical facial features and large eyes are all signs that the woman is healthy and fertile. See also what attracts men to women.

Again most men don't really know why they like those features. I bet you never met a man who told you that he liked a woman because she is the healthiest one he has ever seen.

In short men get attracted to those facial features because they were programmed to get attracted to them to preserve the human race. See what attracts women to men physically.

Why some men like different things?

Any normal man will get attracted to those features but does this mean that a man will always want to be in a relationship with such a woman?

The general answer is yes but there are also many special cases. In my book The psychology of physical attraction I said that in some cases the initial programming a person has in mind can get overwritten as a result of the experiences that person goes through.

A man for example could get attracted to a woman who resembles his mother even if she doesn't have all of those facial features we talked about. Yes this man will still find those other women attractive but he might only want to be in a relationship with a one who resembles his mother. See also why we get attracted to the ones who resemble our parents.

of course this is a very simple example and in reality things are much more complex. There are so many factors that determine the type of woman a man will find attractive but generally those facial features we mentioned will seem attractive to every man.

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