Why some men pull away early stages

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

He pulled away after showing interest

I get so many emails from people women who have that same problem. The man shows up in their lives. Sends signals or signs of interest then suddenly pulls back.

That behaviour is too common but it doesn't always have a negative meaning for there are so many different scenarios that could explain it. In this article i will tell you about the most common ones.

1- The man found no response

Some men , especially the ones who aren't sure of the woman's intentions, pull back when they believe they didn't get enough encouraging signs.

In such a case that man might feel demotivated and discouraged then decides to pull back.

2- The man was a player

Players are usually after the hunt not the relationship. In my article The psychology of players i explained how many of them pull back as soon as they see positive signs.

The reason this happens is that players are usually psychologically unstable and they are looking for approval in order to feel good. Once they get that approval they might pull back, See can a player really change.

3- The man wasn't that interested

Many people move forward with relationships under the pressure of wanting approval or because of peer pressure. Many of those people get into relationships when they aren't that interested only to discover that they made a mistake.

Some of those men realize that earlier and so pull back during the early stages of a relationship. See also Why love sometimes dies after marriage.

5- It was a challenge

Many people , specially men, try to attract others when they consider them a challenge. A person can try to attract someone if he felt that attracting them is a challenge even if he was not that interested.

People do so to get a self esteem boost and to feel worthy.

6- The man was a commitment phoebe

Commitment phobics usually pull back when things get serious but many of them also pull back in early stages if they got enough reassuring signs, See why you always attract commitment phobics.

7- They just wanted sex

In my previous article Why some men lose interest after sex i explained how many men go for relationships just to get sex.

If those men managed to get what they want in early stages they might actually leave or pull back.

8- The man discovered something unpleasant

Some men pull away all of a sudden after discovering unpleasant things about the person they are trying to be with. That thing can be as simple as compatibility issues where a man realizes that the woman he was after won't be very suitable to him.

what to do about it

If the man got you attached then you need to first understand his intentions. Was that person serious or was he just playing around?

If he wasn't serious then you can help yourself a great deal by reading about the psychology of recovery from breakups. If the man was serious then shortly he will return back again and try to peruse you another time.

Knowing the man's real intention is crucial because it will show whether you should give him another chance or weather you should try to get over him.

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