Why do people lose interest in each other

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

unexplained loss of interest

Why do people lose interest in each other?
Why would someone lose interest in a person he used to like?

In order to properly answer these questions you first need to understand how love happens. Love happens when a person finds someone who meets the most important conditions in his love map. The more items the person matches in the love map of another the more intense the attraction will be.

In my previous article Does love come from the heart or the brain i explained how most people are unaware of their love maps and thus they just fall for others without understanding the reason.

But if that's the case then why do some people lose interest in ones who already match the items in their love maps? The simple answer is: love maps do change.

Why do people lose interest in each other

The love map is built as a result of all the experiences a person goes through. This means that the love map is not constant but it keeps changing as a person keeps progressing through life. Of course the major items usually remain the same but slight changes usually happen in most love maps as the time passes.

Now if a person wasn't smart enough to match the changes in their lover's love map then loss of interest might happen. Here is a very simple example: Joe and Sarah were a happily married couple. As a result of a traumatic experience that Sarah had to go through she started to suffer from excessive anxiety. Based on that change her love map now includes new items such as being with a man who can make her feel safe and secure.

If Joe wasn't smart enough to notice these changes and to show her that he can also provide her with that important need then she might start losing interest. Of course loss of interest doesn't happen that easily but as one person consistently fails to meet the new items in his lover's love map loss of interest happens.

Sometimes love maps remain the same for long periods of time yet loss of interest happens. This usually happens when one person discovers new facts about their lover that goes against some of the important items in their love map.

Can love be manipulated?

Just as you saw love is all about convincing the subconscious mind of a person that you are his best match. This is exactly what Patrick , a below average guy, did to win the heart of the most desired woman in his town. Patrick studied Jane's mind very well and managed to come up with most of the important items in her love map.

After that he started broadcasting subtle signals to her subconscious mind until she realized that Patrick is the best match for her. To read the full story check out my latest book Jane's Code

In other words you can convince any person to love you with disregard to your looks or resources by just sending them the right signals that their subconscious minds are looking for.

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