7 Reasons love dies after marriage

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- You had unrealistic expectations

Many people have unrealistic expectations for love. Those expectations are usually formed as a result of reading romance novels or seeing romance movies. When people expect everything to be great after marriage they tend to have some unrealistic expectations of marriage and so they usaually get disappointed when they see reality(See why Love is not like in the movies).

2- Confusing love with butterflies

Some people mistakenly think that love is all about the butterflies in stomach they get when they see a person they like. In my article does getting butterflies mean that you re in love i explained how people confuse love with temporary infatuation.

Because those feelings usually fade after sometime some people mistakenly believe that love was lost while in fact it just transitioned from a stage to another (See why some people fall out of love).

3- It wasn't love, it was the best option available

Many people get into relationships because they are afraid to remain single or because they can't tolerate being single. Those people usually make wrong choices just to expedite the process of marriage.

The reason those people fail to see their mistake at an early stage is because of the emotions that are usually much more intense at the beginning of any relationship. After those emotions fade those people discover that they aren't truly interested in their partners.

4- People get used to each other

Even if two people loved each other much they would still get used to each other after marriage in a way that would make the relationship seem boring sometimes.

In such a case those people have to work on restoring excitement to their marriage not to risk the quality of the relationship (See How to restore love in a marriage).

5- They were after short term needs

One of the popular reasons for loss of love after relationships is going after a short term need. If a person wanted to get into a relationship to end loneliness, to increase their self esteem or to get some approval then certainly after achieving that goal the person would become less interested in the relationship.

In such a case the person might start see their partner in a different light and might actually discover that this is not what they wanted.

6- People change

If one person changed after a relationship in a way that he no longer matched the needs of his partner then repulsion might happen.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with youPeople fall in love with each other when they match the love map of each other. As the items in the love map changes a person can fall out of love or find that he is not that interested in his current partner.

7- Getting into the relationship was the ultimate goal

Many people get into relationships for the sake of getting into relationships. Those people might make wrong choices just to get into a relationship or they might expect all of their problems to get solved when they do.

When those people realize that relationships are a normal new phase of life instead of a solution to all of their problems they feel that they fell out of love.

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