Does getting butterflies mean you're in love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we get butterflies in stomach

Whether you think you are ready or not your subconscious mind is always in the process of looking for people who match the most important criteria present in your love map.

When you find that person your subconscious mind will want to make sure that you stay next to him for a long period of time and this is why it signals the brain to release the chemicals that result in the feelings of love or butterflies in stomach (See also why we fall in love.

This seems like an ideal scenario. After all if your brain is doing all the work and if your subconscious mind is the one responsible for making sure that you only fall for the people who match the items in your love map then nothing can go wrong, right?

In fact reality is much more different. In my previous article why you always fall for the wrong person i explained that the love map can actually be flawed in such a way that leads to an incorrect choice.

The problem with relying on emotions

Let's suppose that a woman felt unloved by her friends and family. In such a case this woman will have a very low self esteem and might believe that she is worthless.

In such a case this woman's subconscious mind will want to make sure that she gets the love she was deprived of and so it will alter the love map to make sure that she gets attracted to the person who loves her. In other words if someone showed enough affection then this woman might fall for him right away even if he wasn't really suitable (see the need for love).

This happens because the weight of the love map item which is called "being loved" has became very high. Now let's suppose that years after this woman got married she joined a Self confidence building program and managed to become confident.

In such a case a dramatic change will happen to that woman's love map and she will no longer care about being with someone just because he makes her feel important or worthy. In such a case this woman might start to feel less attracted to that man and even feel like breaking up (see also why some relationships end after years).

The great mistake this woman did was depending on the butterflies she got in her stomach when making the decision and thus she fell for someone who is not a suitable long term partner.

How to prevent those butterflies from getting you into the wrong relationship

The only way to prevent those butterflies from letting you choose the wrong person is to become consciously aware of your important long term relationship needs.

When you become consciously aware of your important needs you will be able to override the flaws in your love map and prevent your subconscious mind from making an emotional decision.

The process isn't easy but it's doable. Understanding one's personal needs requires a lot of reading and a good level of self understanding. The good news is that once you get that insight you will hardly choose the wrong person.

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