Why some relationships fail after years

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

But they loved each other!

Why would a relationship fail after years of love?
Yes it's understandable when two people fail to be together for few month but why would a couple decide to breakup years after being together?

I have said earlier that our important needs determine the kind of person we look for. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how all of those needs come together to create our love map which is the list that determines the type of people we will get attracted to.

When a person likes someone it means that he found what he was looking for in that person or in other words that person's love map found a good match.

Now why would a person who found his match feel like breaking up years later?

Incorrect understanding of the map

The unconscious love map has many great elements that can help a person find his match but it can also have errors. What if a person was looking for acceptance not love and then liked someone because he accepted him?

What if instead of love the person was looking for a self esteem boost or a way to feel worthy?
What if the person was after some of those temporary needs?

In such a case that person would feel like breaking up as soon as he realize that he was after those needs (See also why do people choose the wrong mate).

The love map changed

A person's love map is not fixed but it changes over time. If one of the partners failed to adapt to the changes in the love map of the other then repulsion might happen.

Most people who get into relationships don't even know what a love map is and without proper knowledge so many people risk losing their relationships (See also The Secret to attracting love).

The person discovered new things

A person can discover new things about his partner over the years but refuse to give up on the marriage out of momentum only. If the person discovered that his new partner didn't match his love map then repulsion or even hatred might happen.

Most people in such a case prefer to stay in the wrong relationship because of believing that they have done so much effort to arrive to this point. Some others remain in the relationship because they are too afraid to handle the pain of a breakup.

In all cases those people remain unsatisfied with their lives or years until one day they decide to end the pain (See questions to ask yourself before breaking up).

What to do regarding that matter?

If you want to have a good relationship that lats then you have no option but to educate yourself on love psychology. Once you understand how attraction and repulsion works you will be able to take the right actions to keep your relationship going.

Luckily i have documented everything you need in my book How to make someone fall in love with you.

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