7 Questions to ask yourself before breaking up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Should i breakup?

Did you decide to break up?
Do you think this is the right time to end the relationship?
Do you think you are right or are you still confused?

Because that decision usually involves a lot of thinking and sometimes a lot of emotional pain i decided to write a post to give you the list of the questions you need to ask yourself if you are thinking about breaking up so that i save you the hassle and the pain.

7 Questions to ask yourself before breaking up

  • 1) Is this what i really want?: Did this relationship give you what you really want or did you start it because of peer pressure, loneliness or even desperation? If your answer is no then breaking up might be the right thing to do
  • 2) What's preventing me from breaking up?: Are you staying in this relationship because you are unsure what you are going to do after it, because you are afraid not to find someone else or afraid to get hurt? If you answered any of those questions with yes then breaking up is the right thing for sooner or later you will have to do it as you are not currently happy with what you have
  • 3) Is the relationship dragging me down? : Is this relationship abusive? Is it dragging you down? is it preventing you from having the good life you always wanted to have? If you answered with yes then breaking up might be the right decision
  • 4) Why am i breaking up?: Did that person do a big mistake? Can this mistake be fixed? Can this person change? If the mistake can be fixed or if there is hope that this person changes then you might want to wait and give that person another chance (see How to change people)
  • 5) Did i take enough time to think about that decision?: When did you decide to breakup? was it moments ago or even days? If your answer is yes then you might want to wait for sometime or even think about taking a break before you proceed.
  • 6) Why was i with that person?: Did you get into that relationship because you really liked the person or was it because you thought you can't do better? If you really liked the person then you might need to think more but if you got into this relationship for other reasons then breaking up might be the right thing (see Also 7 Questions to ask yourself before getting married)
  • 7) Where my happiness is?: Are you going to feel happier if you broke up or will you be happier if you remained in that relationship? Many people fail to become happy in life simply because they never put happiness in mind when they take important decisions.

Are you worried about recovery?

I am not writing this article to encourage you to breakup but i wrote it to help you take the right decision. In case you found that the right decision was to breakup but you were too afraid to do it because you are concerned about recovery then don't worry.

I helped tens of thousands of people recover for good in few days through my book How to get over anyone in few days. The book will help you see relationships and breakups from a different angle and will make you immune to the pain that happens after breakups.

Think wisely and if you discovered that your happiness is in breaking up then do it. If however you discovered that your happiness is in continuing then don't breakup.

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