No contact rule after breakup

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

No contact rule after breakup

What is the no contact rule? And can it help you get over a breakup or even get your ex back?

Being the author of two books, how to make someone fall in love with you and how to get over anyone in few days I can reassure you that you are lucky that you landed this page because i will tell you the truth about the no contact rule.

So what is the no contact rule? The no contact rule is all about not contacting your ex or responding to his calls after a breakup but the important question is, does the no contact rule work or will it make the breakup even worse?

In order for me to tell you the answer of this question you first need to grasp few quick concepts about breakups and recovery.

No contact rule, does it work after a breakup?

In my previous article Songs that can help you get over a breakup i said that one of the main reasons people don't recover from breakups is that they keep reminding themselves of their ex all the time and so prevent their subconscious mind from letting go of him.

The no contact rule will be completely useless if you listened to sad songs, thought about your ex and day dreamed about getting back to him even if you avoided contacting him. The point is not to stop contacting the person but its all about convincing your subconscious mind not to think about him again.

In my article How to get over someone you are always in contact with i said that you can get over any person even if you contact him often provided that you prevent your thoughts from going in the wrong direction.

People keep asking for how long they should stick to the no contact rule after a breakup but that's not the right question to ask. After breaking up not contacting the person won't make any difference unless you convince your subconscious mind that everything is over, unless you stop listening to sad music, prevent yourself from thinking about him and avoiding day dreaming. Only then you will start recovering from the breakup.

Its time to replace the no contact rule

In my article The six stages of recovery from breakups i said that recovery only happens when the person stops bargaining and understands that the relationship was over.

If you kept bargaining even in your mind then you will never get over the breakup even if you applied the no contact rule for the rest of your life.

So its time to fix our beliefs about breakups and develop a new effective rule instead of the no contact rule which is "the no bargaining rule".

stop bargaining, know that its over and you will get over the person and move on in no time. (see how to get over someone fast)

No contact rule and getting someone back after a breakup

Is the no contact rule effective in getting someone back after a breakup?
According to the psychology of falling in love in order to attract someone to you and intensify his feelings you need to keep approaching him and trying to impress him as long as he is ignoring you and once he starts to show interest you need to pull back in order to intensify his feelings.

So its not about blindly avoiding contact after a breakup but its all about contacting the person when he is not interested to make him interested then avoiding him when he is interested to elevate his passion. (see How to make someone think of you)

Unless you understand the previous facts and apply them well the no contact rule wont work for you or it will even work against you.

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