How your past can prevent you from recovering from a breakup

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Attachment and the unconscious mind

Do you know why some people never recover from breakups fast?
It's because their old emotional wounds make recovery almost impossible.

Ann was a little girl who had a younger sister. Since her early years Ann has felt that her father loves her sister more than he loves her. One day her father brought gifts for her and her sister but she felt that her sister's gift was bigger and better. (see also How your birth order affects your life)

She started to believe that her father favored her sister over her. When she grew up and went to school she loved the science class because the teacher reminded her of her father. Of course she never realized consciously that the teacher resembled her father else she would have hated him but instead she unconsciously felt that this teacher was nice and kind. (see also Understanding the unconscious symbols)

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that we get unconsciously attached to the ones who resemble our parents. The reason Ann liked her teacher is that she wanted to win the battle she lost when she was a little girl.

How your past can prevent you from recovering from a breakup

There was another class mate who was also striving for the teacher's attention. On the day where grades were announced Ann discovered that she got a B where her friend got an A+. She instantly went into depression that lasted for months.

Her parents were clueless. After all how can such a small event result in all of this sadness? But the problem wasn't with the event itself. It was with the old wound that this event touched. For the second time Ann felt dethroned and unloved. Of course her conclusions were always wrong but after all humans are bound to their own private logic and not to real life facts.

After years Ann managed to forget about that event, at least on the conscious level, then she met a guy whom she loved. Few month after their engagement she realized that he was texting another girl. When that event happened Ann got depressed again and never managed to recover from that breakup.

What was the problem?

In fact Ann didn't love that guy so much but she just wanted a third chance to prove to herself that she can win someone's heart without losing to anybody else. When she discovered that she was cheated on her subconscious mind recalled all of the pain she had been through when she the lost the previous competitions.

This is why it was so hard for her to recover. In fact she was too clueless about the reason that she sought consultation. When a trained specialist talked to her he quickly found what was going on and shortly helped her see the real picture. Within few days she felt much better and her depression ended. She recovered from that breakup and got married to a new guy she loved.

Moral of the story?
Sometimes it's not the breakup that hurts. It's the old wound, and the only way to recover in such a case is to understand yourself perfectly. Luckily 2knowmyelf was built for that reason.

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