This is why you never recovered from that breakup

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How recovery happens

2knowmyself has helped millions of people recover from devastating breaks through its breakups section. The instructions for recovery were demonstrated in many articles and there pretty simple. Let me try to summarize the most important ones in few lines.

Recovery is about understanding that a loss of potential partner doesn't mean that a better one can't be found. It's about getting over your own emotional problems such as the need for attention or the need to feel worthy and it's about understanding that the media lied to you when it told you that there is only one soul mate for each person. (see also 10 ways to get over a breakup fast)

around 95% of people who discover those facts do recover from breakups fast. Of course i am assuming that those people have thoroughly understood those concepts and did their part right. But what about the other 5%?

Why do some people fail to recover from breakups even though they got the right knowledge?
The answer is very simple. Those people don't want to recover because if they did their whole life will fall apart!

This is why you never recovered from that breakup

Susan was a fortunate lucky baby living with a caring family. When Susan was 3 years old her sister Julie was born. Since that day Susan's life has never been the same. The family started giving more attention to Julie and Susan was no longer the charming princess everyone served.

Susan was so young to consciously realize what was going on but her subconscious mind developed a deep wound. When Susan grew up she never understood why she always wanted to be the best in her group but the reason was obvious. Her subconscious mind was too afraid of abandonment. Her biggest unconscious fear, even though she wasn't totally aware of it, was the fear of being replaced by someone else.

Susan met a guy who showered her with attention and made her feel once again that she was the princess. Though she thought she liked him because he was handsome and kind the real reason was that he allowed her to relive the awesome life she used to live before her sister was born.

One morning Susan discovered that her man is cheating on her then after further investigation she realized that he loves her best friend and that they are planning to get engaged. Susan got shocked and never managed to recover from that breakup.

When a part of you refuses to recover

When asked about her inability to move on Susan stated that this guy was her soul mate and the only person she truly loved but after investigating further it became obvious that Susan's subconscious mind didn't want the horrible past to repeat itself. (see How your past affects your present)

When she was replaced by Julie she started to believe that she is inferior and worthless but when that guy chose her over everyone else her old wound was healed, at least for few months. When she discovered that he favored someone else over her the old wound resurfaced and she felt intense pain that she never understood.

Susan didn't want to recover because she didn't want to admit that her man chose someone else over her. Her attachment to him, even after knowing he likes someone else, was no more than a state of denial.

By clinging to that man for years she prevented her subconscious mind from concluding that she was replaced for the second time. To put it in different words, Susan's subconscious mind chose not to recover. Even though the breakup was painful the pain of admitting that she was replaced was much more painful.

For years she kept giving excuses such as "he doesn't love her as much as he loves me" or "he will regret it one day" but nothing really happened and he never came back.

Moral of the story? Some people never recover from breakups because they don't want to recover. But when the right facts are revealed to them they heal in no time.

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