why do i feel so bad after breaking up with her/him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling so bad after breaking up with someone

Many people send me mails telling me that they still feel really bad after breaking up with their ex. While each of those people usually have a different story to tell still in the end i find that all of them feel so bad after the breakup because of the same reasons.

In my previous article 10 ways to get over a breakup i explained that the main reason people don't recover from breakups fast are the wrong actions they do after the breakup.

If you knew about the right actions you should take then you won't feel so bad after breaking up with someone even if you think that you love him.

why do i feel so bad after breaking up with Him/her

Here is why you feel so bad after breaking up with your ex:

  • You are not sure that these emotions will go away: People who break up for the first time usually believe that their sad emotions will remain forever and their belief is usually supported by the false beliefs circulating about love in the movies they see and the songs that they hear. If this is your first breakup then understand that you might feel so bad for a while but in the end you will feel good once you start recovering (see How to recover from breakups)
  • Its OK to feel bad after a breakup: After a breakup happens your mind will usually need some time to arrange the new facts and to accept the new situation. This might result in some bad feelings for a week or two but in the end they will go away. In short its OK to feel bad after breaking up with someone as long as these feelings don't persist.
  • What if bad feelings persisted?: In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that the difference between those who recover from breakups in few days and those who recover in months are the actions they take after the breakup. If you still feel so bad even though you broke up long ago then make sure you read the article How to feel better after a breakup as it will tell you about the right actions you need to do in order to get over the breakup quickly
  • Love psychology and breakups: When someone asks me why i still feel so bad after breaking up with him/her even though i broke up long ago i reply saying "because you know nothing about love psychology". Once you learn more about the psychology of love you will know why you fall in love with certain people and why its completely possible to find another one who is better than the one you were with. Check the psychology of love for more information)

Do you still feel so bad because of the breakup?

Why would two people experience the same exact situation yet one of them feel bad while the other don't feel anything? This happens because each one sees reality according to his own internal map and belief system.

If you still feel so bad because of your breakup then this might mean that you have false beliefs about relationships, love and breakups.

In order to feel good after the breakup you need to read this article in order to fix your belief system. Why do we fall in love

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