How to choose your life partner

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to choose your life partner

I get lots of mails from people who have already made wrong choices in choosing their life partners as well as people who are about to make the incorrect choice.

Choosing your life partner is not a hard task provided that you become aware of little facts that very few people are aware of.

In my previous article Falling in love with someone else while married I explained how people confuse physical attraction and the happiness they experience when certain chemicals are released in their bodies with love.

After all love is based on physical attraction (in most cases) but if you forgot about everything else and depended on the chemicals alone you will surely end up with the wrong person.

Choosing your life partner correctly

Of course you can’t love someone using logic without having some kind of attraction towards him else the relationship will be very cold, on the other hand, making choices based on passion alone will result in ruining the relationship when the chemicals that used to be released start to decrease (See why do people cheat).

The right way to pick a partner is to choose someone using pure logic from among the ones you got attracted to already. So if you know 100 people and felt something towards 3 of them (at different times of course) then you can use logic to choose between them.

For example if you are an 18 years old girl and became attracted to a 45 years old man then your logic should tell you that this relationship is not long lived and that you should forget about it. (see How to get over someone

Finding your soul mate and making the right choice

When you start using logic to choose your life partner you will need some basic guidelines to follow in order to make sure that your logic will lead you to correct choices.

For example you must look for someone who has complementary traits, common interest, similar belief system, tolerable bad habits and same intellectual level. (see How to find my soul mate for more information about this

Don’t fall in the trap of wanting to live with someone forever because of physical attraction or even feelings but let feelings come first then allow logic to control the feelings so that you don’t choose the wrong life partner.

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