How to find my soul mate

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who is my soul mate?

One of the false beliefs most of the people live with is thinking that there is only one soul mate waiting for them in this world. That belief which is sometimes called “The one” is the main reason people don’t recover from breakups.

When those people find that their soul mates left them, they wonder how are they going to be happy with someone else?? (see Letting go of something you can't have)

The truth is that there are lots of potential partners out there that each person can fall in love with. Yes there are lots of soul mates and not just one but in order to find them you need to get a better understanding of yourself.

After you find a suitable person and after you fall in love with him, he will become your soul mate and you will live happily together. This article will tell you how to find your soul mate so that you don’t make wrong choices that you regret later.

Why do people make wrong choices?

Love addiction, which is the act of being addicted to the relationship itself rather than the person you are with can keep you trapped inside a relationship even if you were sure that its not good for you to be in it.

Any relationship starts with attraction but sooner or later addiction finds its place inside the relationship and that’s why it sometimes becomes hard to get over someone that you loved.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how love addiction can lead to breakups and how it can be the reason people fail to recover after breaking up. Love addiction can result in making you become attached to someone even it was harmful for you to be with him and that’s why its crucial to make the correct choice from the beginning.

How to find my soul mate

Your soul mate is the person who has these traits:

Complementary traits: For example if you lose your temper easily your soul mate should be a calm and relaxed person. After all you are going to act as a team and if you both lack a certain trait then when you face a problem that requires this trait you might both fail to face it.

Common interests: One of the worst things that could cause breakups and relationship dissatisfaction is the lack of true intimacy. If you both have some common interests then this will help you spend more time together and intimacy will always be there.

Similar belief system: Love addiction might let you ignore this point but later on you might find yourself unable to live with someone who has different beliefs.

Tolerable bad traits: No one is perfect and finding a perfect partner is a dream however finding someone who makes bearable mistakes and who has tolerable bad traits is very important because if the mistakes were unbearable then sooner or later you will end up dissatisfied.

Same intellectual level: You don’t want to be talking about things in your life and constantly hearing the word “Huh”. Being with someone who has the same intellectual level will increase intimacy and will help you come closer together.

You must love him: Sounds pretty logical right? No, lots of relationships start because people feel lonely, because they want to get married to anyone fast and because they just want to be in a relationship. This is not real love and the cost of doing so is living an unhappy life.

Being 100% convinced: If you like to flirt with other people or if you are not 100% sure that you want that person and no one else then he is not your soul mate.

Final words

There are lots of soul mates out there. If you broke up or if you think that you missed the soul mate then you are mistaken, just search again and you will find another soul mate. Once you find him and be with him he will become your new soul mate.

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