How to reduce fights in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to reduce fights in a relationship

Before you know How to reduce fights in a relationship you must first ask yourself what is a healthy relationship is? A healthy relationship is a relationship that allows the couple involved in it to grow, to achieve their goals, to increase their self esteem and to be happy.

Unfortunately lots of relationships are far from being healthy. Some relationships are abusive where one partner destroys the self esteem of the other, some relationships are like jails where one partner becomes a control freak who enjoys controlling the other while some relationships have no major problems yet both people feel unsatisfied and unhappy. (see relationship dissatisfaction)

Because of those reasons i decided to write this article to give you some tips about building healthy relationships that have few fights if any.

Tips to reduce fights

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires a lot of effort, discipline, intelligence and hard work. The following are some of the vital points that couples usually don't notice and that can result in an unhealthy relationship:

  • Suppressing your emotions :
  • Suppressed emotions don't disappear and time can't heal wounds but It only allows the wounds to grow. If you were hurt by your partner and you kept suppressing your emotions then you will reach a point where you will become dissatisfied with the relationship and you might fight or even ask for a divorce. In my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i described how channeling your suppressed emotions correctly can prevent relationship dissatisfaction, by preventing such accumulations of bad emotions in your subconscious mind you will be making sure that you are not misunderstood, not treated badly and not being taken for granted.

  • The bond between you: People can easily program the minds of others. If all of your friends kept telling you that your partner is a bad person you will end up believing them. The prevention of such a problem is very easy while being indifferent towards it will surely result in a breakup. In order to prevent this external programming from happening you must take the following actions, 1)make sure that the relation between you and your partner is way stronger than the relationship between you and any of your relatives or friends. 2) never tell others about your fights even if you were feeling hurt. 3) know that others can't judge your partner because they can never see the full picture and that they only make a judgment based on what they hear from you.
  • Openness Vs honesty: Openness and honesty are not the same thing. Honesty is answering the questions your partner asks you without lying but openness is telling your partner everything without even being asked. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship then you must be open with your partner, tell him everything, never hide something even if he didn't ask you and never act in a certain way without telling him why you are acting that way. Hiding information will certainly lead to fights when your partner discovers them later
  • Understand each other perfectly: Lack of understanding of your partner will prevent you from understanding their motives and as a result you are very likely to fight together. The problem with lack of understanding of a person is that it makes the intentions of the person unclear and so can lead to conflicts
  • Discuss things when you are clam: Many people do the mistake of bringing up all the important issues as they are fighting and this leads to more fights. In order to end those fights you need to discuss the important matters when you are both calm
  • Choose the right partner: Sometimes the fighting problem happens because both partners have personality traits that result in conflicts. In such a case acceptance is the only soloution but if prevention is possible then it would be an even better soloution. Understand yourself perfectly so that you know which type of personality will match your own traits before making a choice.

Final words about healthy relationships

Even though those tips are really effective, still, you need lots of effort and discipline in order to stick to them.

Reading them on your own might be useful but it will be much better if you can convince your spouse to see them too so that you can both help each other in maintaining a healthy relationship.

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