Can extroverts and introverts be in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why so many relationship fail?

Ever wondered why so many relationships fail?
Ever wondered why couples who used to love each other wanted to breakup months later?

Of course there are so many reasons behind breakups but one of the most important ones is not understanding the differences between you a your partner. Some people take self understanding lightly without realizing that without sufficient self understanding a person is very likely to choose the wrong partner.

Yes extroverts and introverts can be in a relationship but if both didn't understand each other well then so many problems might arise. Extroverts like to hang out often and to go to places where they can meet new people.

An introvert who doesn't understand that fact might get annoyed by the fact that their relationship partner is always away from home. If this was interpreted as a sign of lack of love then more serious relationship troubles might happen (See also how to know if someone likes you).

Introverts on the other hand prefer silent and quite places. If an extrovert didn't understand this then they might believe that their partners don't want to join them where they want to go. In other words if both introverts and extroverts didn't understand each other fully then so many communication problems can happen.

The differences between extroverts and introverts in a relationship

Extroverts are loud, they usually talk a lot and always feel like seeing new people. Introverts on the other hand sometimes feel like they want to be on their own.

Extroverts charge their energy by seeing people and talking to them while introverts charge their energies by getting isolated. If both partners didn't understand each other perfectly then whenever one of them attempts to charge his energy the other will miss interpret his intentions.

The question both introverts and extroverts need to ask themselves before getting into a relationship is: "are you willing to sacrifice?"

An Extrovert needs to put in mind that he will have to spend more days at home or in places that aren't loud or crowded. An introvert on the other hand needs to understand that they will spend some days on their own at home and in other days they will have to go to loud and crowded places.

The success of a relationship in such a case is all about how each person is willing to sacrifice some of his needs in order for the relationship to keep going.

Some introverts can become extroverts

Some people are introverts because they are shy or because they don't have enough social skills. In other words sometimes introversion is not related to the nature of the person but it can be caused by other personality problems (See also the connection between introversion and depression).

In such a case the extrovert can help the introvert, through encouragement, until he becomes an extrovert. Years ago when i struggled with shyness, inferiority and lack of self confidence i was an introvert. As i started studying psychology and managed to get over those personality problems i became an extrovert.

In other words some introverts are actually extroverts in disguise. Put in mind that this is not always going to be the case and the safest bet , if you are an extrovert, is to assume that you both are going to remain the same.

And yes there are many successful relationships between extroverts and introverts.

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