Why are men players

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are all men players?

I get messages often from women who wonder why men are players. Those women are usually confused about the nature of men that they believe that all of them are players.

Of course some men are players. In my previous article why are some people players i explained how insecurities, self doubts, low self esteem and the desire to test their own might can make some people players.

But this doesn't explain why some women think that all men are players. The simple explanation is that some women don't really know how men think and as a result they assume that they are players.

Why do most men seem like players

Here are some of the reasons many men look like players in women's eyes:

    1) A man's number one goal is sex: Men care about many things apart from Sex but when it comes to women that's a man's number one goal. A man can pursue a woman he isn't interested in by any means just to have sex and leave. Of course this is unethical and that's why i said in a previous article that having sex before marriage is bad because it can prevent a woman from filtering out serious men from non serious ones
  • 2) Men get attracted to beautiful women even when they are not single: Men put a great importance on physical looks. This is why it's so normal for a man to get attracted to a woman who is passing by even if he is in a relationship. This attraction isn't by any means cheating because it's only based on sexual desire and nothing else. See why you only get attracted to cheaters
  • 3) Men aren't really monogamous : Many studies pointed out that men aren't really monogamous. Even though it's socially unacceptable in many countries for a man to be with more than one woman still this doesn't cancel the fact that most men would love to be with more than one woman if they had the chance
  • 4) Many men like to be surrounded by women: Many men have the unconscious desire of being surrounded by women because this gives them the feeling that they are more masculine. While those desires can't be expressed in public due to social restrictions they still force some men to talk to more than one woman in the same time
  • 5) Many men , and women, are confused: So many people don't really know what they want in a relationship or who they really want to be with. This lack of insight can force some people , usually the unethical ones, to be with more than one person in the same time or to pull away from a relationship right after showing signs of interest, See why some men pull away in early stages

What can women do about that?

So how can a woman protect herself from men if this is how they think?
The one thing each and every woman needs to do is to educate herself about psychology to understand how men think. The second thing each woman must do is to examine the true intentions of the man trying to get close to them.

Does this man really like you?
Is that man confused?
Are you the second option?
Is that man a player?
Is that man ethical?
Is he after sex and that's it?

When you answer those questions you will be able to make a decision about which man to be with and which one to pull away from.

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