Why do people make fun of others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why was that joke funny?

These days everyone in Egypt seems to be talking about nothing but politics. The number of jokes and status updates about politics have exceeded those of any other topic. Amidst all of these events i started to notice that sometimes people make fun of others for a purpose that is different than just making people laugh.

Earlier in my articles i said that people put others down just to feel good about themselves. Its so common for a person who feels jealous of another person to make fun of him.

In the past few days a famous singer here in Egypt, Ihab Tawfik, started singing songs that supports one political party (the army with its followers and supporters)

As a result those who dislike that party started to feel angry towards Ihab and within days a funny picture of him showed up everywhere on the internet. The picture had nothing more than the guy lifting relatively light weights while wearing an outfit that didn't seem that manly to some gym buddies.

Why do people make fun of others?

The question that needs to be answered is why this picture appeared at that specific time? And if the picture was really funny then why didn't it appear earlier?

Here is the answer:

In my previous article Why are some jokes funnier than others i said that we find some jokes funny because of two things 1) the funny part and 2) the extent to which they satisfy our unmet needs.

Now because that Joke now satisfies a need that wasn't previously there it became much more funnier to some people and that's why it became popular at that time.

Of course there are people who really found the joke funny even though they had no connection to politics in Egypt but the reason this joke reached them in the first place is that those who were really offended marketed it.

Are people making fun of you?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the people who make fun of others are always in the week position. Whether its jealousy, feelings of inferiority or the desire to get revenge in all cases the reason someone would be making jokes about someone else would be his desire to overpower him because he already feels week.

If someone made fun of you in a mean way just confront him with the psychological reason that motivated him to do so and rest assured that he would remain silent forever.

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