why do we become evangelists for the things we like

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You must watch that show

Right after i started watching walking dead i found myself recommending it to everybody. That behaviour got me confused simply because i didn't understand why did i care so much about letting others watch the shows i like? Why didn't i just watch them alone?

And why did i keep convincing the friends who didn't like the show to watch it?
In fact i don't do this alone. If you noticed how you react when you like something you would discover that you become an Evangelist for it even if you are getting no reward.

Its so common for a person to keep defending the show he likes during a debate though he would gain nothing if people agreed that its good. Or will he gain something that can't be noticed on the conscious level?

why do we become evangelists for the things we like

In my previous article Why do people share certain things online i said that people like whatever resonates with their beliefs and values. Its very common for a person to share a joke not just because its funny but because it also asserts one of his life views.

But what about shows, movies and music?
Your mind considers all of the things you like to be an extension to your personality. The shows you watch are a reflection of your taste and beliefs. In other words people don't regard these shows as separate things but they rather consider them extensions to their own identities.

The subconscious mind of a typical person thinks about it that way, if the things that represent me the most become popular then my ideas and beliefs will become popular and so i will become immortal.

Fear of death could be behind promoting the things you like

We humans have a built in fear of death even if we seemed not to care about the topic that much. As a result of this subconscious fear humans start to do whatever they can to keep their memories living after they are gone.

Starting by extraordinary achievements, going through leaving a big mark and ending with promoting simple things that reflect their beliefs and values.

So your fear of death in addition to your desire to spread your beliefs and values out to the world might be the main reason you are debating with your friend about watching game of thrones or breaking bad.

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