why irrelevant posts are annoying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why no one cares about the sushi you ate yesterday

Each time people check their Facebook , Instgram or other social networks that are based on personal posts they get really annoyed by irrelevant posts. Here are some of the most common irrelevant posts you might have came across:

  • 1) Look at my cute baby: A friend of yours had a baby and is posting its pictures on Facebook Every 5 minutes
  • 2) Look what i had for dinner yesterday!: Food pictures are also annoying and can make you feel a little bit worse
  • 3) Someone you barley know got engaged: that person you can barely recall his name got engaged to another person you don't know. Who cares?
  • 4) Annoying trends: The ice bucket challenge is a perfect example of an annoying trend

Now the question is why do such posts annoy you? After all if a post is irrelevant then it shouldn't affect your mood in anyway. Why would an irrelevant post annoy you?

Why irrelevant posts are annoying

In order to understand why irrelevant posts are annoying you need to know how your mind processes the posts you see. In my article Why does checking facebook make you unhappy i said that the main reason people check their Newsfeed each day is that they have high hopes.

Because a person would always have hope that he will find great news one day he keeps checking his social network account each day. In other words there is a great deal of positive expectations that motivates a person to check his account every now and then.

What if i found that friend request i am waiting for?
What if i found the good news i want to hear?
What if i got a message from an interesting person?
What if i made an important contact that can help me with my career?

These hopes and many others fuel the desire to check your account every now and then. Now because you have great expectations finding something totally irrelevant will certainly annoy you.

Imagine you expected to find your favorite food in the refrigerator then only found something that you don't like. how will you feel? certainly disappointed is the right word.

The solution?

After researching the effect of social networks on the mood i came to the conclusion that most social networks ruin people's moods instead of helping them feel better.

This is why i created Optimist net A social network for positivity, humor and motivation. When you check a news feed that only has positive, uplifting and funny posts you will always be sure that you will never come across anything that disappoints you.

Of course i am not asking you to stop using Facebook or instgram. I personally use them but when i find that i got charged with some negative emotions i quickly rush to optimistnet to get a dose of positivity that can help me counter this negativity.

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