Why is the annoying orange so popular

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Weird, Annoying yet very popular

With more than 3.5 million subscribers and tens of millions of views for its channel the annoying orange stands as one of the most successful and popular YouTube channel.

The episodes of annoying orange are a kind of weird ones. It always begins and ends in the same sequence where the annoying orange annoys other fruits or characters who get mad at it then in the end they all except the orange get a really horrible death.

Sometimes they are sliced into pieces, sometimes they explode and in other times they fall into a switched on blender. So mainly its more of a funny series that includes lots of violence in a cartoon way.

As always the key to the popularity of any popular product is the way it interacts with the human mind. In other words, psychology is the thing that can explain why is the weird annoying orange so popular.

Why is the annoying orange so popular

Each action that a human being does helps him fullfil one of his important psychological desires even if he wasn't aware that this is happening. For example a woman could go shopping only to lift her self esteem by buying expensive clothes without actually knowing that this was the reason she felt like shopping.

So many people have suppressed aggression desires that they can't express in a proper way and as a result they develop a need to release these desires. Now because aggression is a bad thing many of those people don't express it directly but they just get attracted to whatever can help them release that stored aggression.

But what is that subtle way that can help a person release some of his stored aggression? As you may have already guessed, watching annoying orange!

People usually identity with the main characters of the shows they watch. When you believe you are the annoying orange then it would feel great to see your enemies slaughtered if you already had some stored aggression. And because annoying orange is just a funny cartoon show people don't feel guilty for watching their enemies suffer.

Imagine how a person would feel like if he destroyed something at home just because he was feeling really angry, now compare this to watching a funny cartoon that can help him reach the same goal without feeling bad about it.

Does this mean i am an aggressive person?

So does this mean that people who watch annoying orange are actually aggressive people?
The answer is no because simply your psychological desires change based on your mood.

If for example you had a fight with your boss and returned home feeling really frustrated then you might feel like watching annoying orange because the event that happened to you resulted in stored aggression.

In my article about 50 shades of grey i explained how the same concept made that book popular as well. The suppressed sexual desires women have motivated them to read that novel which contains so many sexual references.

Before you wonder why a certain thing is popular you should first ask yourself the question, what psychological desire does this thing help people fullfil??

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