Why perseverance always leads to success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Will perseverance always work?

Perseverance is the ability to keep going forward even if things aren't working or even if you have no hope. There are two types of people who succeed in life: those who believe in themselves even if things aren't going right and those who keep going forward even if they don't believe in themselves. Both groups usually make it.

But can perseverance work all the time? What if someone was trying to make a mediocre idea popular. Will perseverance help him? And does this mean that perseverance only works when you have an amazing idea to promote?

No this is not correct. perseverance can guarantee success even if you were trying to promote a mediocre product! Want to know how? then read this article.

Why perseverance always leads to success

Steve was passionate about electronics so he decided to create a simple alarm system and sell it to people. He established a company with his very little money then tried to market his product to some real estate companies but they all refused to buy it.

Obviously Steve's product was mediocre and not that competitive. Steve didn't give up and instead he tried to sell his products in another city. After few month and tens of failed attempts Steve discovered that he could add an improvement to his product to make it better.

After few more weeks Steve managed to sell few units but he still wasn't covering his expenses. At this point Steve's friends told him to give up and cut the losses but he refused to stop and just kept going. Few more weeks passed and more companies refused to buy Steve's product.

One day a company which Steve contaced explained why it doesn't want his product and sent him some suggestions for recommended fixes. Steve worked on his product for days then after 2 weeks he came up with a totally new version which was way better. At this point Steve started making sales and within years he was the sole distributor of alarm systems in his country.

Moral of the story

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that even if you have a mediocre product perseverance will give you the chance to keep collecting feedback and modifying it until you reach the final form that will make your idea successful.

In other words you can start with a bad product and keep improving it as the time passes then succeed later. Now this will never happen if you don't persevere. Imagine what could have happened if Steve gave up on his product right after failing to sell it to the first 10 companies he made contact with?

At this point giving up would have sounded very rational. After all his product wasn't that good, he wasn't making any money and in addition to that no one wanted to buy it.

Perseverance isn't about going forward while totally believing in yourself but its about going against your own negative beliefs, facts, norms and logic until you make it.

Steve's Story isn't real but its an exact replica of the story so many successful people lived before they made it.

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