Why some people have no friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why some people have no friends

why some people have no friends?
Why do some people seem to be so lonely?
What influences people's ability to make friends?

Human beings are too complex to be understood in the light of superficial analysis. Saying something like people need to improve their communication skills or to be more nice to make friends is a reflection of a poor understanding of the human nature.

Think of a human's personality and the environment he lives in as a system that interacts together. If one problem happened anywhere in the system then psychological disorders may arise. Making friends is no different because the lack of friends is usually an indication of the presence of a hidden psychological disorder.

In this article i will tell you why some people have no friends.

The reason some people have no friends

There are many psychological disorders that could limit a person's social potential and prevent him from making friends but the most common ones and the ones that can have the major impact are:

  • Inferiority complex: Inferiority complex is one powerful reason that could prevent a person from having friends. Inferiority complex in simple words is believing that you are no good and that you are less worthy than others. As a result of this way of thinking you will stop learning, stop taking risks and might live in your comfort zone (see More information on inferiority complex)
  • Shyness and making friends: The most popular reason that can prevent someone from making friends is shyness. There are lots of factors that causes shyness but again one of the most popular ones is suffering from an inferioirty complex! (see Getting over shyness
  • Low self esteem and making friends: In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how low self esteem can prevent a person from starting conversation with strangers and so prevent him from making friends
  • Lack of interests: If you go to the gym then you might make friends there. If you like football then most probably you will make some friends from within the teams you play with or if you have any other interest then most probably you will meet those who have similar interests and become friends with some of them. Some people have no friends because they have no interests!!

How to make friends

Many people send me mails asking for tips about making friends. Now that you understood the previous concepts its clear why i wont tell you inferior tips such as be nice or improve your communication skills but instead i will ask you to locate the root cause that is troubling your system then deal with it.

After you get of that root cause ,whatever it was, you can learn how to start conversation with strangers, find more interests or improve your communication skills.

Do that and you won't have any problems making friends.

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