10 natural ways to increase libido

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- Are you Afraid?

Do you know that Libido is connected to your psychological state and that your unconscious goals can prevent you from getting turned on? If a person is afraid because he has doubts about his sexual abilities then his subconscious mind might prevent him from getting turned on to prevent embarrassment.

2- Be a winner

Right after winning at anything you will get a testosterone boost. Master any sport or a game and you will be able to boost your testosterone when needed.

3- Alchol destroys testosterone

In my previous article Why men who drink are less likely to attract women i explained how chronic use of alcohol can reduce testosterone levels dramatically.

4- Embrace Novelty

Experiments on mice have shown that novelty sparks sexual interest for males. Of course i am not asking you to look for a new partner but try to introduce novelty to your normal sexual routine.

5- Fix your psychological issues

If you are too afraid of the opposite sex then your subconscious mind might prevent you from getting turned on by them. It's so normal for a male to lose interest in females just because his subconscious mind is too afraid to approach women or get rejected by them.

6- Smoking reduces sex drive

Studies have shown that smoking affects blood flow in a bad way and as a result can have a direct unpleasant effect on sexual desire. (see also Why do people smoke)

7- Stress reduces testosterone

If you have been reading about personal development for a while then you might have already concluded that any bad thing in the world can be increased by stress.

8- Lose weight

Obese people have significantly lower testosterone levels than normal people provided that all other factors are constant. Not only you will become healthier by losing weight but you will fix your sex life. (Here is how to lose weight without dieting)

9- Sleep well

Studies have shown that people who get deprived of quality sleep for few days experience a drop in libido. One of the great things you can do for yourself to live healthier is to sleep really well.

10- Eat aphrodisiacs

Foods known as aphrodisiacs can increase testosterone and boost sexual desire. Oysters, figs, chocolate, bananas, hot peppers , avocados and nuts are all examples of foods that can boost libido.

Bonus tips

Resistance training is also known to boost testosterone levels and can thus increase sexual desire. Foods rich in Zinc can also improve libido. Generally a balanced diet that is low on fat and that has all the essential elements the body needs can increase libido.

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