7 ways to increase testosterone naturally

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you need more testosterone

Testosterone, the famous male hormone, doesn't just affect your appearance and emotions but it also affects your sexual attractiveness.

Men with higher testosterone levels are braver,more likley to take risks and have deeper voices.

In my article why do women like bad boys i explained how women are drawn more to males who posses masculine traits.

As you might have already guessed the increased levels of testosterone makes you more masculine and so more attractive to women.

Low levels of testosterone were found to be one of the causes of depression. In other words, The less testosterone you produce the more likley you are to get depressed.

So if testosterone is that important then it makes a lot of sense to learn how to stimulate your body to produce it naturally.

7 ways to increase testosterone naturally

  • 1) Fill up more space!: It was found that males who stretched their bodies more while sitting produced more testosterone than those who took closed gestures. In other words, when you spread your arms beside you and your legs in front of you then your body will produce more of the male hormone. Its also worth to mention that some animals will fear you more if you stretched your arms beside you because of believing that you are bigger than you really are (see also The complete body language guide)
  • 2) Alcohol destroys T cells: Alcohol disturbs the production of the male hormone. In general a healthy man who drinks rationally has 20% less testosterone than a man who doesn't drink. As for compulsive drinkers and alcohol addicts they experience a drop of about 40 to 50% of their original testosterone levels. In short, cut down on alcohol consumption and your testosterone levels will rise (see How to quit drinking)
  • 3) Drive a high status car: One interesting research found out that men experience a rise in testosterone levels when they drive a high status car. Driving a BMW will very likley increase your testosterone levels provided that all other factors are constant.
  • 4)Lift heavy and train more muscles: In general, weight lifting increases testosterone levels. It was found that compounded exercises that train more than one muscle at once stimulates the body to produce more of the male hormone. Note that over training might have the opposite effect, you need to allow your body to rest after exercising else it might not have time to produce the hormones needed (see also The Food that can make you happy)
  • 5) Excess body fat increases Estrogen: Estrogen is the female hormone or the opposite of testosterone. Studies found that men who had more body fat produced less testosterone. The more you reduce your body fat the more masculine you will become. (see also Natural weight loss tips)
  • 6) Stress destroys Testosterone: Stress produces cortisone which destroys the testosterone your body generates. So even if your habits promote the production of good amounts of testosterone you will still have low testosterone levels if your life style was highly stressful. Find a way to combat stress now!
  • 7) Sleeping and the male hormone: You might be surprised to know that sleeping is one of the most important factors in the production of testosterone. Poor sleeping habits could result in the reduction of the overall testosterone amounts in the body by more than 40%. Make sure you get adequate sleep so that you allow your body to produce the male hormone.

Bonus tip

Vegetarians were found to be much less aggressive than those who eat meat and upon further investigation it was found that testosterone levels are somehow connected to protein intake.

In short, eat more proteins and your body will produce more testosterone provided that all other variables are constant.

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