3 Things that will happen to you when you stop complaining

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The optimistnet no complaining challenge

Yesterday we launched the #optimistnet_no_complains_challenge which is basically a challenge where each person can try to find how long he can stand without complaining about anything.

The challenge starts by writing the hashtag #optimistnet_no_complains_challenge along with the start time as a status on any social network you use to see how long you can hold without complaining about anything. After you complain for the first time you have to write down the time you spent without complaining as a status.

Up to this moment no one have managed to complete 24 hours without complaining about anything. As we kept trying and trying not to complain we discovered so many things about complaining and its side effects. Here is what we found:

3 Things that will happen to you when you stop complaining

  • 1) When you complain you feel helpless: While complaining can make you feel like you are in control in fact it makes you feel helpless because of believing that whatever is happening to you is not your fault and that there is nothing that you can do about it. While many of the problems that happen to you might be the mistake of someone else still this doesn't mean that you can't take corrective actions
  • 2) When you stop complaining you start to think of solutions: The first thing you will notice when you stop complaining for few hours or even minutes is that your mind will start to look for a way out. Previously looking for a solution wasn't an option because complaining makes you think that there is nothing that can be done
  • 3) Your friends won't find you annoying: The more you complain the more annoying your friends will find you to be. Try not to complain about anything for one day and see how your timeline on any social network will look like. Now compare this to how it looks like on a normal day and you will get what i mean (see also Why irrelevant posts are annoying)

Accept the no complains challenge

Accept the challenge and give it a try! Login into your favorite social network then write the start time along with the hashtag #optimistnet_no_complains_challenge. Be honest and admit it when you complain. Note that you can always reset the counter and start again after you make the first complain.

You will only understand how your life will improve when you try it yourself. Even after few hours you will realize how many times you used to complain each day and you will start to notice how positive your life has became.

Whether we like it or not we get exposed to a tremendous amount of negativity in our lives. If we didn't balance this negativity with an equivalent amount of positivity we will certainly become pessimistic, sad and eventually depressed.

This is why we launched Optimistnet The Social network for positivity, motivation and inspirational content only! Join Optimistnet today, follow positive people and get your daily dose of positivity.

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