A better way to use positive affirmations

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You can't fool your subconscious mind

In my previous article How to make affirmations work i said that the main reason affirmations never work for so many people is that they try to deceive themselves instead of repeating realistic positive statements.

For example If you get bullied everyday by your friends and then you kept repeating a statement like "I am strong" then the only thing that will happen is that you will feel bad because your mind will realize you are trying to trick it.

The first mistake you must avoid when using affirmations is to avoid repeating statements that your subconscious mind can't easily believe in. Instead try focusing on the points of strenght that you already have and only then your mind will believe you.

If for example you had a strong will then you can repeat something like "I won't give up before i solve this bullying problem"

Now repeating such an affirmation will motivate you to find a solution.

The best structure for an affirmation

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your mind knows that you have the goal of feeling good and that's why it might not believe you as much as it believes someone else. In other words if the affirmations came from another person then they will be much more effective provided that the previous point is already covered.

For example being told that you have an iron will and that you can solve all of your problems will have a much better impact on your mind than repeating that statement yourself.

So how can you make use of such a tip? After all you aren't going to ask your friends to help you with your affirmations. The good news is that we created a place where people will keep telling you such statements all the time.

Its Optimist net! a social network where people keep posting positive statements, inspiring quotes, success stories and uplifting status.

By getting exposed to such content it will be as if people are encouraging you everyday until you believe in yourself more.

What else can you do

When writing down an affirmation write it in the format of "You are bla bla". So many people will tell you that its better to write something like "I am becoming stronger" but the trick here is that your mind will believe that someone else is repeating the affirmation every time you read it if you wrote it as described earlier "You are strong John".

Now don't read such affirmations out loud but instead put them on papers and spread them in your house or room. Each time you will see one of those statements your mind will think that someone else is encouraging you and your mind will certainly believe in them.

If you have a close friend that you trust it would be even better to let him write one for you such as "You can make it Sam". This can be much more effective than writing them down yourself.

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