5 Ways to Avoid Answering Annoying Questions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Examples of Annoying questions

How much money do you make?
When are you gonna get married?
How much you bought this for?
Do you like him?

I am pretty sure you were asked some of those questions or similar ones and didn't feel like giving an answer. Some people can't really realize how sensitive some questions can be and so they ask them as if they are normal questions. Because such a situation is unavoidable i will tell you about few interesting ways that you can use to avoid answering those questions without offending the person who asked them.

After all replying with answers such as "It's none of your business" or "I don't want to answer that question" might seem rude to some people. And since many close people might ask you those sensitive questions you don't want to annoy them all.

5 Ways to Avoid Answering Annoying Questions

  • 1) Reply back with a question: The first trick is to reply back with a question such as "Why do you want to know" or "will it make a difference if you knew?". The good thing about replying back with a question is that the conversation can easily take another direction away from the original question.
  • 2) Reply back with a joke: Question: "How much money do you make each month" Answer: "Few million dollars". Many people will realize that you don't want to answer a question when you reply back with a funny answer and if you were lucky they won't repeat the question again
  • 3) Reply with an unclear answer: You will be amazed when you find out how many people just want any answer and not just a specific one. Here is an example Question: "How much money do you make" Answer: "Not enough to pay my bills"
  • 4) Reply with a personal question: The best way to distract a person and make him forget about a question is to reply back with a personal question. Question: "How much do they pay you?" Answer: "Are you looking for another job or what?"
  • 5) Combine two methods together: You can always combine two methods together for more effective results. Here is an example where the answer included a vague reply plus a question. question: "How much you bought this for?" Answer: "Its not as expensive as it seems, Do you want to buy one?"

What else can you do

It would also be very smart of you to try to guess why a person is asking a certain question because once you know the intention you can give an answer that appeals to him without actually giving exact facts.

If for example you realized that a friend of yours is asking about your salary because he wants to know whether his company pays well or not then an answer such as "Its close to the salary everyone gets" might be satisfactory for him.

After all he didn't ask that question because he wanted to know how much you earn but he asked it because he wanted to know whether he is being paid well or not. Knowing the intention behind the question isn't always easy but if done right you can always escape the question without answering it directly.

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