Why are some people nosey

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are some people nosey

Why are some people nosey?
Why would someone do his best to know your news?
Why are some people so much concerned about the news of others?

Before i studied psychology i always used to hate nosey people but after i did i discovered that most nosey people need help and not hatred.

In this article i will take you for a trip inside the mind of the nosey person and tell you why are some people nosey.

The reasons why some people are nosey

Each and every human being who lives on this planet wants to feel good about himself in a way or another. Some people achieve this goal by useful means such as succeeding in life while others do it by harmful means such as becoming criminals (see Criminals psychology).

In short all people try to feel superior in a way or another, Some do it in a good way while others do it in a bad way.

so what does this has to do with nosey people?
Here are some examples that will make things clear:

  • 1) I am still Good: Some people become so nosey because they want to compare their progress in life to others in order to feel Good about themselves. Those people are usually passive, they do little effort to improve their lives and they gain their sense of superiority by asking about others and collecting their news in order to feel good about themselves when they find that they have achieved more than them!! So in fact most nosey people are nosey because they want to feel good about themselves
  • 2) He is not that good!!: Because most nosey people aren't doers they try to achieve their goal of superiority without doing much effort. When nosey people hear about someone who became very successful they try to dig behind his success not to learn from him but to prove to themselves that he is not that successful or that he succeeded by luck. Again their actions have one purpose which is making them feel good about themselves without doing any effort
  • 3) Devaluing someone: Sometimes a person becomes nosey in order to devalue someone else. Again that's a passive way for achieving superiority. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Some people work hard to feel good about themselves while others work hard to devalue successful people in order to feel good about themselves. Nosey people usually use the second strategy because they are usually clueless about the right way to achieve success

Dealing with nosey people

Of course there might be another reason that makes a person nosey other than the previous ones. For example a person could become nosey if he is interested in someone or if he is interested to know someone's opinion of him.

The best way to deal with a nosey person if he was a close one is to explain to him the fact that he is trying to feel good about himself without doing any effort.

Of course such information will be shocking to the nosey person and that's why you must deliver it to him in a very intelligent way not to hurt him.

On the other hand if you don't know the nosey person well then just ignore him. After all you should pity him instead of feeling bad for he is looking day and night for any clue that can make him feel good about himself.

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