Practical person definition (why are some people so practical)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Practical person definition (why are some people so practical)

What is the definition of a practical person??

From a personal development point of view Practical people are the ones who omit useless and unimportant details for the sake of reaching bigger and more important goals.

So why are some people so practical and why are others the quite opposite?
In this article i wont just tell you about the definition of practical people but i will also tell you about the reason that makes some people so practical.

Defining the practical person

The following points can help make the definition i gave of the practical person more clear. A practical person will usually:

  • Read a book even if its stained or old
  • Ignore the small useless details
  • In most cases he will care about the function more than the appearance or any other aspect
  • Will hardly procrastinate or waste time
  • Will always keep the big goal he wants to reach in his mind

Why are some people so practical?

Yesterday i wanted to tell a friend of mine something using the blackberry service (in case you don't know about it , its a service similar to sending text messages to people on their phones)

Usually i first say hi, ask the person how he is doing then tell him about the thing that i want to say. I consider myself a practical person but i am not practical to the extent that makes me ignore such important details (greeting the person..etc)

Before writing the message i discovered that there is a problem with the keypad that prevented me from typing quickly. At this point i realized that i will spend a lot of time typing if i started my usual conversation and that's why i told my friend what i wanted right away.

For some reason i became so practical to the extent that i ignored greeting my friend. Of course this is not right but what i care about the most is knowing the psychological factors that were behind such a change in my behaviour. Here is what i found about practical people:

  • They have limited time and resources: Had the keypad been working properly i wouldn't have been that practical and i would have wasted some time greeting my friend before getting into the important topic. That's another reason why Type A personalities are always practical.
  • They have big goals: Practical people have big goals. Of course the word big here depends on the context. When i wanted to send my friend the message my big goal was delivering it to him
  • They Care the most about the shortest possible path: Practical people care about the shortest possible path that can help them reach their goals. That's why they ignore silly details and useless actions that will only waste time
  • They have a high self esteem: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that some of the main reasons that result in procrastination are being afraid to test your own self worth, being afraid to face your problems or fear of failure. Practical people have a high self esteem because they run into their problems taking the shortest possible path

The best example that can show you the difference between a practical person and a non practical one is the example of reading a book. A practical person won't have any problems reading a book even if the pages were torn or if something was wrong with the book while the non practical person will prefer to wait until he buys a brand new copy before he can read it.

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