7 reasons you why should date someone with a beard

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How behavior reflects the personality

In my previous article Understanding human behavior i explained how you easily know someone's personality by connecting the clues you find through his behavior. Each action that a person takes or each habit that he develops stems from certain personality traits and unconscious desires.

This is why you can understand a person's personality by just looking for the small things he does regularly. And as you might have already guessed growing a beard is one of the things that can tell you some information about that person. Of course the conclusions won't always be right but there will be a great possibility that many of them are.

7 reasons why you should date someone with a beard

  • 1) More Patient: To grow a beard a person needs patience until it reaches a stage where it actually looks good. It might be hard for an impatient person to wait until his beard starts looking good
  • 2) More confident: There are some stages during growing a beard where a person might look untidy and less attractive (at least to other men). The guy who is more confident about his looks can easily go through this stage without shaving
  • 3) They are Rebels: If a Man is growing a beard in a place where it's uncommon to have one then he might be a rebel. People who dare to do something uncommon to their appearance are rebels who don't follow the rules that they don't like just because everybody else is following them (see also Why you should never follow the crowd)
  • 4) They don't care much about criticism: Out of insecurity people always try to criticize those who don't follow the crowd in order to bring them back to the pack. A person who grows a beard in spite of the criticism is a one who doesn't care much about people's opinion
  • 5) They are braver: In the face reading section i explained how you can develop more courage and confidence by doing the trick of convincing your mind that you have a bigger face. And guess what, growing a beard does that trick.
  • 6) They look more masculine: A beard makes a man look more masculine, stronger and more intimidating. It's a perfect enhancement for those who have a baby face.
  • 7) They feel more masculine: I have previously said that just like the personality affects the behavior the later also affects the personality. By growing a beard a man will start to look more masculine and so he will start to feel more masculine

And more benefits

One study have stated that men who have beards are healthier than those who don't since their beards block harmful ultraviolet rays. Men with beards look older, tougher and responsible.

Of course not every man with a beard will have those traits but having a beard could be the first clue that can point to the existence of such good traits. It's not a good idea to assume that someone has all of those traits just because he has a beard but it would be very smart to dig further and make sure those treats truly exist.

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