10 reasons why you should date someone who lifts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it about looks?

Why do you think it's better to be with someone who lifts?
Is it because that person will have a better body shape or more attractive looks?

While people who lift and exercise often usually have better looking bodies still there are many more hidden benefits associated with being with those people apart from their enhanced physical looks.

People who exercise regularly have certain personality traits that make them totally different from those who don't. Here are some of those traits:

10 reasons why you should date someone who lifts

  • 1) They are in control : While so many people blame the good taste of food and the limited time they have for their nonathletic body shapes those who lift take the responsibility and try to change what they don't like.
  • 2) They are anything but helpless: While a typical person will feel helpless if he didn't like his body shape the one who lifts will just go ahead and change it.
  • 3) Iron Will: Any person in the world can exercise and do vigorous sports for a week or two but to keep doing that almost every week throughout the year then you need an iron will. Those who exercise often do have that iron will
  • 4) Solid commitment: one or two weeks without exercise can quickly result in developing an unwanted body shape. That's a fact that all people who lift often know and that's why they hardly miss a training day. A task that can hardly be done unless the person has solid commitment
  • 5) They are goal oriented: Most people who lift are goal oriented. They keep doing the same tiring tasks over and over because they have certain goals in mind that they want to reach. Compare that to people who don't know what they want and you will know why those who lift have an edge when it comes to setting and achieving goals.
  • 6) They are not procrastinators: Procrastination or the act of wasting time without doing any of the tasks you planned to do is a horrible personality disorder that kills progress in life. If a person shows up in the gym regularly then you can safely assume that he is not a procrastinator
  • 7) Internal locus of control: This term describes the belief that a person can be whatever he wants with disregard to luck, circumstances or anything else. Most people who exercise regularly have internal locus of control as they believe they have control over their lives
  • 8) More patient: It takes a lot of patience to tolerate pain for days and days without seeing any results. Those who exercise regularly usually learn patience along the way
  • 9) Much more confident: No not because they look better but because they love themselves! People who think highly of themselves never let themselves go. Those who have low confidence can easily allow their bodies to go out of shape
  • 10) More self discipline: Resisting the urge of binge eating or of staying in bed without doing anything requires a lot of self discipline. Those who exercise often have a much stronger self discipline than those who don't

Some good news even if you don't lift

The good news i have for you is that most of those traits can be developed through regular exercise. In other words you don't need to have all of those traits in order to start but you just need to stay committed until you develop them.

As you stay committed to exercising your brain structure will change, you will develop new traits and after sometime you will become a totally different person. You don't have to lift weights but just pick a sport that you like so that you don't find problems doing it over and over.

So what are you waiting for?

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