how to develop commitment in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you have commitment problems?

Do you procrastinate often?
Do you always quit important tasks midway?
Do you have commitment problems?

The ability to commit to a task, a goal or a dream is crucial for success. After all life is full of shocks, unexpected problems and unplanned events, and if you didn't know how to keep going even if things aren't going well then you will never become successful in life.

I started going to the gym 3 times a week in 2002 and up till today (2013) i don't remember i broke my schedule even once unless i was extremely sick or unless something really serious was going on.

When i started to compare the people who do commit to their tasks to the end to the ones who quit midway i came up with a list of differences that could help you improve your ability to commit to tasks.

7 ways to develop commitment in life

  • 1) Be a soldier: Imagine a solider quitting his training because the weather is hot or because he is not in the mood. People who commit to their tasks think more like soldiers. They get their tasks done even if they are feeling bad, down or not in the mood. Procrastinators on the other hand search for the first excuse they can find in order to quit
  • 2) Be flexible: Water takes the shape of any container its placed in and so should you. If the gym was suddenly closed because of maintenance then find another near by gym and just don't skip your training. You might think that this one time won't affect your performance but in fact it affects the way you perceive yourself. In other words, when you find another way to get the task done you will start to believe that you are unstoppable and this will help you commit to your tasks even more
  • 3) Do the task on the same time everyday: When you do your activities randomly you are very likley to keep delaying them until the day ends. The best way to prevent this problem from happening is to assign fixed time zones each day for the tasks you want to do. For example: tennis at 2 pm each day or reading a book 10 pm each day (see also Top time management mistakes)
  • 4) Keep a progress bar: Whenever possible try to find a way to measure your progress and record it. When you do so your subconscious mind will get motivated and will help you stick to your schedule in order to beat your records
  • 5) Do everything alone: One of the horrible mistakes people do when they try to commit to a task is that they depend on a friend to be with them while doing it. The problem with always waiting for someone to encourage you is that you are very likley to quit if that person wasn't in the mood or if he didn't know how to truly commit to a task
  • 6) Know that "not feeling like it" is so normal: Many people don't do important tasks because they don't feel like it but the life fact that most people aren't aware of is that you won't feel like doing your important tasks most of the time. After all who wants to do anything but to relax in bed? Procrastinators stop when they don't feel like it while achievers keep going even when they don't feel like it (see also Why are some people high achievers)
  • 7) Don't be a perfectionist: Sometimes i don't feel like excercising. Instead of not going to the gym i just go and do anything i can do even if my performance was really bad that day. The reward i gain when i do so is that i don't break the commitment cycle and keep it going. Sometimes all you need to stop doing a task completely is to break the cycle once (see also Becoming unstoppable)

When is it OK to stop

you should only drop your important tasks one day when something really bad happens such as a serious injury, severe illness ...etc.

And even when those things happen you gotta write a plan that includes the expected times and dates you are going to get back to your daily tasks.

Stick to the previous advice and you will have solid commitment that can't be broken.

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