Top time management mistakes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Top time management mistakes

I get many mails from readers who tell me that they don't know how to manage their time or that they can't commit to a certain time management plan they wrote.

If you searched the web for time management tips then you will certainly come across inferior advice such as don't waste your time or write a plan.

While these tips are true still its a big mistake to think that time management is that superficial. In fact the biggest mistake that people do when they attempt to manage their time is that they think that time management is all about setting priorities and creating plans while in fact time management is much deeper than this.

In this article i will tell you about the top time management mistakes so that you become able to manage your time effectively.

Top 4 time manageability mistakes

Here are the top 4 time management mistakes that can ruin any time management plan:

  • 1) Time management, indifference and wasting time: One of the biggest mistakes people do when they attempt to manage their time is that they never realize that if they didn't believe that their plan will work then they will become indifferent. If for example you were unconsciously sure that studying won't help you achieve your goal ,which is finding a good job, then certainly you will feel indifferent and achieve nothing even if you wrote 10 time management plans (see Indifference, lack of motivation and depression)
  • 2) Are you afraid to test your worth? In the Solid Self confidence program i said that One of the top time management mistakes people do is not realizing that sometimes they procrastinate because they are afraid to test their worth. Fear of failure and low self confidence can result in self deception where the person wastes his time on intention just to avoid testing his real worth. Of course this happens on the unconscious level and the person never becomes aware that the is wasting his time for that reason (see Self deception psychology))
  • 3) Are your goals aligned with your interests? One of the top time management mistakes people make is that they set any goals that are not aligned with their interests just to be like those who have goals. If you want to learn time management because you feel that you are not doing anything important in your life then certainly your time management plan will be a big mistake. First you need to find out a compelling desire to do something and then you can start managing your time. (see Motivation and your needs)
  • 4) Are you ignoring your important goals That's another big time management mistake. When a person fails to understand his real needs he sets goals that satisfy some of his less important ones thinking that he is managing his time properly only to find himself lacking motivation few days later. Most people want to be happy, want to have loving friends and want to live better lives, Now look at their time management plans and you will find nothing of these items listed but instead you will find that they manage their time when it comes to career or studying and that's why they lose motivation later on

Avoid the top time management mistakes

Anyone on earth can set schedules, write goals and divide his day into zones however very few people try to understand the psychological reasons behind wasting time and procrastination.

The top time management mistake you can do is thinking that time management is only about finding out how to commit to the plan you wrote.

Time management is deep and you won't be able to do it properly before you understand your personality and the psychological factors that affect it in a better way.

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