How to believe you look good

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to believe you look good

Your self image is the picture you have about your looks in your mind. If you are not sure of your looks then you will become extremely vulnerable to people’s critical comments because you will associate them with your ugly looks.

In other words whenever someone says something negative about you or even reacts negatively to you then you will believe that they did so because you are ugly.

People who are unsure of their self image experience severe mood swings because sometimes they find themselves looking good (usually in the mirror) and in other times they find themselves ugly.

This confusion results in low self esteem, bad moods and sometimes depression.

How to fix your self image problem

First of all, if you sometimes think that you look good even if these thoughts come to your mind once every few days then know for sure that you are good looking. The reason is simple, when you feel bad or when your mood becomes negative you will see yourself in a negative light because your perception will change. On the other hand when you feel good then probably you will see yourself correctly and so believe that you look good.

But the important question here is : if sometimes you find yourself good looking then why do you get confused about your looks?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that there are false clues that you are collecting from the outside world everyday that reinforces the false belief which states that you are ugly.

These false clues might be in the form of perceived rejections, perceived lack of attention or lack of good comments about your looks. (see Self image issues and I look ugly in pictures).

If a guy who is unsure of his looks was rejected then the first thing that will come to his mind is that his ugly looks was the main reason for the rejection while the truth is that there might have been million other reasons for that rejection. (see Why do they hate me?).

Stop collecting false evidence

Whenever you find yourself collecting false evidence or associating something bad that happened to you with your looks then remind yourself that people who look good in mirrors are really good looking. (see I look ugly in pictures)

Also tell yourself that you can’t depend on a clue that is not based on a solid proof, after all who told you that you were rejected because of your looks? Did someone tell you that he doesn’t like you because you are ugly? Aren’t there lots of other possibilities? Why are you only sticking to one possibility and ignoring all others!!

In short, if you are unsure of your self image you will find hundreds of false evidences to support the fact that you are ugly while if you challenged the belief you will soon discover that you are attractive.

Keep challenging these irrational thoughts as they come and you will eventually weaken the negative beliefs you have about your looks. As you learn how to see the world correctly your self confidence will increase and you will see the world from a proper angle.

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