Can a physical disability prevent me from succeeding

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can a physical disability prevent me from succeeding

Every once in a while i get a message from one of the readers who tells me that his physical disability is making his life tough. I know its not easy to live with a physical disability or to find that you exert a lot of effort when doing what others do effortlessly but does this mean that you can't still live a wonderful life even if you are physically disabled??

Ludwig was a young child who was passionate about music. He used to spend a lot of time listening to and composing music. Driven by this passion he started learning more about music from the teachers but they always used to criticize the way he handles the violin and the even told him that he is hopeless as a composer.

The young Ludwig didn't listen to them and preferred to listen to his inner voice. As he grew older he become more and more attached to the idea of becoming a composer but something totally unexpected happened.

He started losing his ability to hear and he nearly became deaf. At such a point many people would just blame life or God for happened to them but this wasn't what Ludwig did.

Ludwig continued composing music even after he became deaf and many of the works he produced at that phase of his life made him the famous Ludwig Van Beethoven we know today.

A picture of Beethoven

Are you disabled?

Had Beethoven succeeded in any other career i would have said that a physical disability can prevent people from succeeding but he managed to succeed at the one career that is most related to the ability to hear well.

A deaf person becoming a famous composer proves that physical disabilities can be bypassed provided that you have a lot of persistence and a healthy belief system.

Since his birth the disabled child is taught that he is different than others thus disabling his powerful mind and preventing him from prospering. We humans are extremely powerful beings we, can do things that might seem impossible or unbelievable just if we believed that we can do them. (see Bruce lee proves we have no physical limitations)

Do you know who is the truly disabled?

The truly disabled isn't the one who is born with a missing limb or an impaired sight but he is the one who strongly believes that his potential is limited by some kind of external factor. (see Success and beliefs)

Beethoven was deaf but he became a famous composer while some people are 100% healthy but they never manage to succeed. The truly disabled is the one who has a self defeating attitude, who is full of false beliefs and who never tries hard even if he has no physical defects.

The truly disabled isn't the one who is born with a disability but he is the one who strongly believes he can't succeed even though he has no physical disabilities.

If you have some kind of disability then don't let people fool you and let you believe that can't become great. Beethoven did it and so can you.

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