Circulation of Jokes about presidents indicate that they are losing support

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

People joke about presidents all the time

In almost every country , except the ones where freedom of speech is banned, people joke about politicians and presidents. After all if you Googled the name of any president then added the word 'Joke' you will easily find jokes about that president.

Those jokes aren't usually a sign of danger but what might be really dangerous is the sudden increase in the number of those jokes. Before i can tell why politicians should pay close attention to the number of jokes being said about them i first have to quickly explain why jokes make us laugh.

In my previous article Why we find some jokes funnier than others i explained how each joke is formed of two major components.

The first component of a joke is the funny part , the twist or the part that intends to make a person laugh. The second component of the joke is the message it conveys or the psychological need it helps people fulfill.

In my previous article Why some men like to tell jokes about women i explained how men who want to put women down , for a reason or another, find jokes about women much funnier than those who don't. This is also why women themselves don't find the jokes about them as funny as men find them to be.

In short, a joke only appeals to a person if it helps him satisfy an important psychological goal that he wanted to reach such as putting a certain group down, feeling superior or achieving any other goal. See also Assessing a person's believes using jokes.

What about presidents and politicians?

A person who likes a certain president is less likely to spread a joke about that president because one of the joke's components will go against his beliefs. Many jokes for example try to make presidents seem incompetent. If a person liked the president a part of him would resist sharing the joke because he doesn't want to show him as incompetent.

In my previous article Why you share some posts and not others i explained that we only share the posts that match our beliefs even if they were jokes.

So if a person hated a certain president or didn't like him the chance of sharing a joke about him will become very high. The joke in such a case isn't just an amusement tool but it's also a way this person uses to attack that president indirectly and to release some of the frustration he is feeling towards him. See also why people make fun of others.

Why the increase in number of jokes is a warning sign for the president

If the jokes about a president started being circulated more often on social media then this means that the following is happening:

  • 1) People are becoming frustrated: The more the people joke about a president the more it's a sign that they are frustrated of his actions
  • 2) They no longer believe in that President: Most of the people who share jokes about others do it because they no longer believe in them
  • 3) Tension is building up: As tension builds up people use jokes to ease the tension and feel better

In short, if the jokes about a certain president spiked all of a sudden then it might be a great sign of danger.

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