Why some men like to tell jokes about women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jokes about women

Why do some men spread jokes about women?
Why do some men like to tell jokes that make fun of women?

I am not talking about an occasional joke ,that is shared every once in a while, but i am talking about men who consistently keep sharing jokes that make fun of women. Why would a man do so?

In my article about The Psychology of jokes i said that jokes are not just words that we say in order to laugh but they are tools that we use to achieve some of our important psychological goals.

Yes the person who spreads jokes about women wants to laugh but the important question is: Why did that man choose that joke instead of another one?

The simple answer is: It appealed to him. But the more important question here is, why did the joke appeal to that man?

In my article Assessing a person's beliefs using jokes i said that people only laugh hard at the jokes that match their beliefs. In other words a man will only laugh about a joke that makes fun of women if he agreed , at least a little bit, with the content of the joke.

Hatred towards women

Some men hate women. Those men display their hatred by putting women down or even using violence against them.

But this type of hatred isn't as popular as the more subtle one. Most men , who hate women, won't be that direct in expressing their emotions because of the social constrains those men are subject to.

This is why those jokes come to the rescue of those men. Some men use those jokes to vent the hatred they have towards women.

And let me make an important point clear. A man can spread jokes about women because he hates a certain woman not because he hates all women. If for example a woman dumped a man then this man is more likely to spread jokes about women until he fully heals.

In other words some men use jokes about women to vent when they are frustrated because one or more women have made them suffer. This is why right after breakups many men spread jokes about women (and the opposite also happens).

It's just the fact that the joke is unconsciously considered a tool to attack the entity that made you feel bad.

I am strong

I have said earlier that men who put women down consistently are usually the ones who want to be seen as more manly. Even if that man is doing that action in private he would still be doing it to combat his doubts about his masculinity.

The testosterone complex , a term i just invented, can force the men who doesn't believe he is masculine enough to treat women badly in order to feel more masculine.

But again because the society might not approve such a behaviour most of those men turn to jokes to achieve the same goal in a socially acceptable way. By making fun of women and feminism that man would be unconsciously broadcasting his masculinity.

In one of my previous articles i said that we can put others down for having a trait that we actually share with them. For example a man can make fun of his Hippocratic friend because on the unconscious level that man knows that he is a hypocrite. And so by accusing another person of hypocrisy that man can deny his own flaw.

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