Why some men like to put women down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Unjustified hatred for women

Why do some men like to put women down?
Why do some men make jokes about women?
Why do some men use violence against women and humiliate them?

The first thing you need to know in order to understand people's behaviour is that every action that a person does serves an important psychological goal that this person is after. While most people aren't even aware of their psychological goals they still pursue them unconsciously without realizing that they are doing so.

The reason so many people miss those facts is that as soon as someone treats them badly they quickly start to think that this person is bad or mean. Yes the person who puts women down consistently might be mean but being mean isn't the reason he is doing so.

That person is being mean because by doing so he can achieve an important goal that can help him maintain his psychological stability. In other words that person is being mean because he needs to be mean in order to survive. See why people behave the way they do.

Why do people put others down?

People put others down for various reasons but the most common ones are hatred and wanting to elevate their own self worth.

When i talked about hatred earlier i said that it's a weakness. A person hates another when he can't do anything about it. If a man was treated very badly by his mother that he suffered from serious psychological problems then he might start hating women because he couldn't do any better.

In other words if a man hates women then this doesn't mean that women are bad but it might just mean that this man was too helpless to do anything but to hate them.

I also talked earlier about putting others down and i explained how most people do it to feel good about themselves. If a person can't feel worthy by going up then his best chance would be bringing people down.

I am a man

Many of the mysterious behaviors men do have the goal of helping them feel more manly. Men are put under serious pressure to act manly as soon as they are born. Under that kind of pressure most men end up wanting to prove their manliness to the world.

Men who don't feel manly enough might develop some behaviors such as becoming sex addicts, spreading adult jokes or even beating women in order to prove that they are strong and manly. See why some men use violence against women.

In other words many men put women down because they don't feel manly enough and the only way they found to feel better is making fun of women or putting them down.

You remind me of me

One of the main reasons behind hatred is getting a reminder of your weaknesses. A man can hate a woman because she unconsciously reminds him of himself. But how can that be?

A man , who doesn't feel masculine enough, can hate women because unconsciously they remind him of his feminine side which he considers weak.

In short men put women down for various reasons but in most cases it's a sign of an underlaying psychological problem.

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